Gigaset elements window


Gigaset elements window

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With this sensor no window remains unmonitored.

Don't let your windows unattended. With this enhancement to your Gigaset elements alarm system, you’ll be the first to know what’s going on with your window, your terrace door or your balcony door. The window sensor reliably informs you whenever your window, terrace door or balcony door has been tilted or opened. This way you’ll always know whether everything is okay at home even when you are out and about.

  • Enhancement of the Gigaset elements alarm system
  • Recognizes the current status of your window, terrace door or balcony door (open, tilted, closed)
  • Immediately informs you if your window, terrace door or balcony door has been opened
  • Wireless installation without drilling (plug & play)
  • Battery operated (battery life approx. 1-2 years, depending on usage)
  • Compatible with the Gigaset elements alarm systems S, M, and L

+ app + free cloud service


Doors and windows securely guarded.

The Gigaset elements window sensor, elements window, reliably informs you if windows, terrace doors or balcony doors have been opened or tilted. When the alarm mode is activated, you will be informed via the Gigaset elements app on your smartphone. Closed, opened or tilted? The sensor knows the current status of your window, terrace door or balcony door.

Technical details


Article name
Gigaset elements window
General features
DECT-ULE according ETSI TS 102 939-1
up to 50m inside
Standard CCM AES-128 for wireless DECT-ULE authentication and encryption
Frequency band
DECT 1880-1900 MHz
(R&TTE) Directive 1999/5/EC (Annex 5); Directive 2009/125/EC + Directive 2011/65/EU
Installed Gigaset elements base station; free Gigaset elements app
Smartphone with iOS7 or Android 4.0 and higher, free Gigaset elements app
Delivery Scope
  • 1 door sensor
  • 2 adhesive stripes
  • 1x 3V CR123A lithium battery
  • 1 quick start guide
CE Certification
CE 0682
Power Supply
1x 3V CR123A lithium battery
Download & Support