Gigaset Smoke Sensor 2.0 ONE X


Gigaset Smoke Sensor 2.0 ONE X

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The smart smoke alarm device keeps your home safe round the clock.

The Gigaset Smoke Sensor 2.0 raises the alarm if it detects smoke in your home even if you are not there. The app notifies you what rooms are affected. Always ready, the smoke alarm device even functions if your Internet is down as the alarm will sound in the house whatever the situation.

  • Sounds an 85 dB alarm if smoke is detected
  • Also raises the alarm through the Gigaset elements app on your smartphone
  • Notifies you of smoke detected in individual rooms
  • Connects to the Gigaset siren and Gigaset plug
  • Battery with a 10-year lifespan
  • Extra safety: Issues a maintenance reminder every six months
  • Also works without an Internet connection

+ app + free cloud service



Warn people living in the house

The Gigaset Smoke Sensor stays awake when everyone else fall asleep and warns you if it detects smoke in your home. It is a real life-saver, especially at night: according to a study, two thirds of all victims of fire are caught unawares while they sleep. Unconsciousness is just a few breaths away when the air is full of smoke and fumes, so every minute counts for you to save yourself and your family! You can even rely on this smart smoke alarm device if you are not at home as it sounds an 85 dB alarm and always sends a warning notification to the Gigaset elements app. You can see on your smartphone in what room the alarm was set off. It gives the all-clear automatically when it no longer detects smoke.

Activate security systems

This smoke alarm device is a smart step ahead of other detectors that only make noise and even integrates perfectly into the security systems from Gigaset. If smoke occurs in your home, it sends a warning to your smartphone through the Gigaset elements app. It also connects to other devices including the Gigaset siren for a significant increase in the volume of the warning. All devices that are connected to a Gigaset plug are activated simultaneously – emergency escape routes lighting up automatically in your home is a crucial advantage! It can even connect to the Philips Hue lighting system so you are warned both acoustically and visually. It is easy to set up using the app.

Find the causes of fire

It’s rarely good for something to smoulder: according to a study, short circuits and cable fires are the most common causes of fires in private households. The smart smoke alarm device from Gigaset warns you if there are problems with your electricity supply, if your coffee machine and toaster overheat or if plug sockets start to spark. Candles and fireplaces also pose a high risk of fire and the smoke detector will raise the alarm in an emergency. And even if you are not at home or in the room in question, the Gigaset elements app will warn you that it has detected smoke and show what room is affected. This also helps counter small moments of carelessness such as when the iron is left on the board or a kitchen towel is left lying too close to the hob. With the Gigaset Smoke Sensor, you can avoid damage before it even occurs.

Installing the alarm

Smoke does not necessarily have to mean fire. Smoke detectors are mandatory in most German states and can save your life in an emergency. You can control the new smoke alarm device from Gigaset using your smartphone and it integrates perfectly into your Gigaset Smart Home. It even boasts a slimline, inconspicuous design. It can be installed on the ceiling in bedrooms, landings and children’s rooms and its internal battery has a 10-year lifespan. To maintain full functionality, the Gigaset Smoke Sensor sends a reminder to the app for you to maintain it every six months. This means extra safety for you. This smoke alarm device functions even if your Internet goes down and it loses connection with the app as the alarm will sound in the house whatever the situation.


Our ONE X devices are equipped with the latest software and are therefore already prepared for future expansions. They are compatible with all existing Gigaset Smart Home devices.

Technical details


General settings
Article name
Gigaset Smoke Sensor 2.0 ONE X
General features
DECT-ULE pursuant to ETSI TS 102 939-1
up to 50m inside
Standard CCM AES-128 for wireless DECT ULE authentication
Frequency band
DECT 1880-1900 MHz
Directive 2009/125/EC • Directive 2011/65/EU • Directive 2014/53/EU
User Interface
An installed Gigaset Smart Home base station with a permanent Internet connection • Free Gigaset elements app
Delivery Scope

Package contents:

  • 1x Gigaset Smoke Sensor 2.0 ONE X smoke alarm device
  • 1x 10-year battery – 9 V block battery (for the smoke alarm device)
  • 1x battery – CR123A (for the DECT module)
  • 2x screws and wall plugs
  • 1x Short operating manual
  • 1x Safety brochure
  • Alarm volume: > 85 dB (A)
  • Optical sensor (IP30)
  • Standards: EN14604
  • Temperature range: 0°C to 50°C

Dimensions & Weight:

  • 109 x 38 mm (Ø x H)
  • 125 g (incl. batteries)
CE Certification
Power Supply
Smoke alarm device: 9 V block battery (> 10-year lifespan) • DECT module: CR123A
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Gigaset Smoke Sensor 2.0 ONE X

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