Gigaset Thermostat 3-pack

Gigaset Thermostat 3-pack

3 x Gigaset Thermostat   +€0.00

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The expansion pack for smart heating control in your home.

Optimise how you heat your home with the Gigaset thermostat. The radiator thermostat can be controlled using the Gigaset elements app any time and anywhere so you can enjoy a pleasant room temperature whenever you are at home and even save money on heating costs.

  • 3 Gigaset thermostats
  • Regulates heating temperature
  • Saves energy and lowers costs
  • Battery-operated
  • Controlled remotely by the app
  • Easy to install
  • Even smarter management in combination with the Gigaset elements window
  • Compatible with all Gigaset Smart Home solutions

+ app + free cloud service


Simple comfort: the ideal solution for your personal preferences

A warm bathroom in the morning or fresh air for falling asleep – with the Gigaset smart thermostat, you can set room temperatures in your home to meet your exact requirements. Set your favourite temperature for every day of the week with the timer or spontaneously adjust the temperature on your way home with the Gigaset elements app. 

Save money easily: lower your energy and heating costs with optimised heat control

Intelligent energy saving with smart technology: the Gigaset thermostat always keeps your home warm when necessary – optimal for the environment. If you open your windows for a quick airing, the thermostat automatically turns your radiators down. When used in combination with the Gigaset elements window, the sensor identifies open windows and adjusts the heating temperature. Once the window has been closed again, the room temperature can be restored to its preconfigured setting. This enables you to prevent your heating from running all the time and lower your energy costs in the process.

Easy to control: intuitive control with the Gigaset elements app and compatible with other smart home products

Control and manage your home the smart way with the Gigaset thermostat and a Gigaset base station. Link your window sensors and door sensor with the Gigaset thermostat.

How it’s done: Easy to install in fewer than three steps

Step 1: Set up

Remove the panel from the thermostat, insert the batteries included in the delivery and then replace the panel. You will now see “JIN” on the thermostat display.

Step 2: Connect to the base station

Register the thermostat with your installed Gigaset base station.

Step 3: Connect

Open the Gigaset app. Click on “Element” and add the thermostat using “+”. Then follow the instructions in the app.

Please note: Keep the Gigaset thermostat within one metre of the base station to prevent any connection problems. You can then attach the Gigaset thermostat to your radiator.

4. That’s it!

Now you can get started: enjoy smart heating and save energy with the Gigaset smart thermostat.

Technical details


Article name
Gigaset Thermostat
General features
DECT ULE pursuant to ETSI TS 102 939-1
up to 50m inside
Standard CCM AES- 128 for wireless DECT ULE authentication and encryption
Frequency band
DECT 1880-1900 MHz
Directive 2009/125/EC+Directive 2011/65/EU; Directive 2009/125/EC; Directive 2011/65/EU
Installed Gigaset elements app; Installed Gigaset elements base station; Heater with interchangeable thermostat
Delivery Scope

Package contains:

  • 1x Gigaset thermostat
  • 2x AA batteries
  • 3x heating adapters (Danfoss RA/RAV/RAVL)
  • 1x brief instructions
  • 1x safety brochure
  • 1x screw

Dimensions and weight:

  • 56 x 68 x 89 mm (L x W x H)
  • 176 g (including batteries)

Power supply:

  • 2 AA batteries (LR6)


  • Wingenroth (Wiroflex)
  • Zehnder thread (M 30 × 1.5)
  • R.B.M.
  • Schlösser
  • Siemens
  • Simplex
  • Tiemme
  • Valf Sanayii
  • Watts
  • Comap
  • Heimeier
  • Honeywell-Braukmann
  • Idmar
  • Jaga
  • Junkers
  • Landis&Gyr “Duodyr”
  • Mertik Maxitrol
  • MNG
  • Oventrop (thread: M30 × 1.5)
  • Danfoss RA/RAV/RAVL (with adapter)


Power Supply
2 AA batteries (LR6)
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Gigaset Thermostat 3-pack

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