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The smart radiator thermostat for optimal heating control.
Optimise how you heat your home with the Gigaset thermostat. The radiator thermostat can be controlled using the Gigaset elements app any time and anywhere so you can enjoy a pleasant room temperature whenever you are at home and even save money on heating costs.

Regulates heating temperature
Saves energy and lowers costs
Controlled remotely by the app
Easy to install
Even smarter management in combination with the Gigaset elements window
Compatible with all Gigaset Smart Home solutions

+ app + free cloud service
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The Gigaset climate sensor for optimum room temperatures.
By taking temperature readings away from radiators and regularly determining the humidity level, Gigaset Climate Sensor provides accurate information about your rooms’ atmospheric environment at all times. The climate sensor expands the Smart Home product portfolio for even greater comfort within your home:

Provides accurate information on the temperature and relative humidity
For optimal living conditions
Prevents more cost-intensive elemental damage in your household (e.g. as the result of mould)
Informs you about important airing intervals in your home
Easy to install and access
Also works without an Internet connection
Compatible with Gigaset Smart Home solutions, especially as an addition to the Gigaset thermostat

+ app + free cloud service
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The versatile sensor protects all types of doors and windows.
Windows and doors are among the most common locations for break-ins. Protect your home! The Gigaset Universal Sensor protects the access points to your apartment or house. As soon as a door or window is opened, you will receive a notification from the app on your smartphone. If a door or window is opened by force, the sensor will sound an alarm.

Gigaset Smart Home add-on for any type of door or window (sliding doors, roof windows, cat flaps etc.)
Notifies you if a door or window is opened
Can tell the difference between open, closed and tilted windows
Can be fitted to all items that open and close
Indicates room temperature and air pressure and issues a pre-alert
Wireless installation with no drilling required (plug + play)
50-metre range
Compatible with all Gigaset Smart Home solutions

+ App + free cloud service
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The alarm system can be activated and deactivated simply by clicking the wireless button.
This enhancement gives you full control over your Gigaset Smart Home solution even without your smartphone. By simply clicking this button, you can activate or deactivate the alarm. You can also switch your home devices on and off without any difficulty if connected to the Gigaset Plug.

Allows you to control the Gigaset Smart Home solution without your smartphone
Can be programmed using the Gigaset elements app
Each Button can be programmed individually
Multiple devices can be controlled
Different click types (short, long, very long, double) possible per button
Button can be used as a panic button (e.g. siren triggered when button is pressed)
Battery operated (battery life approx. 1-2 years, depending on usage)
Compatible with all Gigaset Smart Home solutions

+ app + free cloud service
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