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The smart heating package.
This entry-level package contains all of the components you need to start your smart heating system. Save heating costs and enjoy user-friendly control over your radiators any time and anywhere with the free app. The base station is the heart of your heating solution and links the individual thermostats with the app.

Regulates heating temperature
Saves energy and lowers costs
Controlled remotely by the app
Easy to install
Even smarter management in combination with the Gigaset window
Package contains: 1 base station, 2 radiator thermostats

+ app + free cloud service
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Simulate your presence with the smart plug.
With the plug, you can use the app to activate and deactivate every electrical device, from lamps to televisions, via the alarm system while you are away. This gives the effect that you are actually at home. In addition, you can use the rules manager to ensure that all lamps automatically go on as soon as someone moves in the room.

Smart plug suitable for sensors of the Gigaset alarm system
Your devices can be operated even in your absence
Manual activation and deactivation
Timer setting
Compatible with the Gigaset alarm systems S, M, and L

+ app + free cloud service
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Smart remote light control with the app
With the smart plug, you can turn any electrical appliance from your lamp to your TV on and off via the app when you are not at home. This makes it appear as if you are actually at home.

The smart plug can be controlled from the app
Electrical devices (e.g. lamps) can be controlled even in your absence
Set rules and a timer in the app
Manual switching on and off
Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Compatible with the sensors from Gigaset elements

+ App + free cloud service
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Wireless button for your Gigaset alarm system.
This enhancement gives you full control over your Gigaset alarm system even without your smartphone. By simply clicking this button, you can activate or deactivate the alarm. You can also switch your home devices on and off without any difficulty if connected to the smart plug.

Allows you to control the Gigaset alarm system without your smartphone
Can be programmed using the Gigaset app
Each button can be programmed individually
Multiple devices can be controlled
Different click types (short, long, very long, double) possible per button
Button can be used as a panic button (e.g. siren triggered when button is pressed)
Battery operated (battery life approx. 1-2 years, depending on usage)
Compatible with the Gigaset alarm systems S, M, and L

+ app + free cloud service
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