My device displays a wrong calendar week.

If your device displays a wrong week, use the following procedure to fix the problem.

Therefore you must enter the programming mode of your device.
Please carry out the following steps.

• Enter following sequence in Idle mode (on hook) *#32 28 67 98 378#
• Pick up the handset (off hook).
• “Factory Test” will be displayed.
• Press key 9 (programming mode). The Display shows „ 1  _ _  _“
• Now enter 0 3 4 and confirm with OK.
• „ 1  _ _  _“ will displayed again
• Put the handset on hook to leave the programming mode.

Now your device displays the correct calendar week.

On our Gigaset DA710 the week starts with Sunday.
So it is normal that we display the new calendar week from Sunday on.