Gigaset cashback promotion! Premium products now available at low prices

In the run-up to Christmas, Gigaset is promoting its premium SL930A, SL910A, SL910, SL400A and SL400 DECT cordless phones by offering €30.00 cashback which will be paid straight into purchasers' current accounts. Customers can upgrade their home phones or give someone a special Christmas present with a premium handset from Gigaset. The pro-motion begins on October 1, 2014 and will run until January 31, 2015.

When it comes to Gigaset DECT telephones, the SL abbreviation is synonymous with innovation, sophisticated design and top quality. This applies not only to the SL400, a timeless classic with a real metal frame and a brilliant display, but also to phones with a capacitive touchscreen such as the SL910 and SL930A. With its Android operating system, the SL930A can even be used as a smartphone for at home.

Numerous prizes such as the Red Dot Design Award, the iF product design award and the Good Design Award confirm Gigaset's demanding standards when it comes to design. The objective quality of the company's products is reflected in the fact that they hold undisputed top positions in connect magazine's list of the best products ever and have received numerous reader awards from a range of specialist magazines and other publications. With the top products in the SL range, not only do customers make an excellent choice but retailers also enjoy attractive gross earnings given the price class.

How customers receive their cashback
The promotion only applies to phones purchased in Germany. In order to take part in the promotion, purchasers must apply for cashback on each eligible product they buy via the portal at the earliest 20 days and at the latest 50 days after the invoice date.

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