• plug & button: New possibilities for Gigaset elements

    With elements plug and elements button, Gigaset is adding two components to its familiar wireless smart home system that allow users to not only monitor their home remotely using a smartphone app, but now also actively control it. Both world firsts will be given their public premiere at IFA 2015.

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  • Gigaset Camera – a peek into the home gives a sense of security

    The majority of Germans have a growing interest in protecting their own four walls. That’s no surprise, given the increase in burglary rates and attempted break-ins: The police’s criminal statistics for 2014 recorded more than 152,000 incidents last year alone. Accordingly, there has been a steadily growing desire for security at home in the past years. Gigaset is now responding to this need with the Internet-based stand-alone camera “Camera,” which aims to ensure greater security at home.

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  • Gigaset awarded the HTV-Life® mark of excellence for its E630 product family

    Planned obsolescence, where a manufacturer deliberately limits a product's useful life, is a worry for numerous consumers. The HTV-Life® mark of excellence provides more clarity here – and Gigaset was one of the world’s first manufacturers to obtain it for its telephones in the A400, C430, C620, SL400 and E310 product series. The particularly robust E310 product family has now also been awarded it.

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  • The new Gigaset E550 - Ergonomics for all the senses

    Too quiet, keys too small, too complicated? Not with the Gigaset E550: The new E Series telephone combines excellent acoustics, good readability and intuitive operation with an ergonomic design. This large-button phone is compatible with all standard digital hearing aids – and a single click on the handset is all it takes to double the volume of the earpiece.

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  • The new Gigaset Sculpture: Technology meets design

    With its new designer phone Sculpture, Gigaset not only addresses the growing desire by customers to transform technical devices into a haptic experience, but also demonstrates that cutting-edge technology, ergonomics and user guidance are compatible with an exceptional design.

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  • Gigaset: Platinum Partner of FC Bayern Munich

    Gigaset, one of the leading vendors in the field of technology and consumer electronics, is now an official Platinum Partner of FC Bayern Munich. The company is its exclusive partner for the segment of smartphones, tablets and wearables. The agreement, which was pre-sented to the public today in Munich, will run for an initial term of three years.

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  • Gigaset Group reorganizes brand and domain portfolio

    The Executive Board and Supervisory Board of Gigaset AG agreed under the resolutions they adopted today that Gigaset Communications GmbH, a subsidiary that is wholly owned indirectly by Gigaset AG, is to extensively reorganize its brand portfolio. Gigaset's CEO Charles Fränkl explains the resolutions as follows: "This is positive news for Gigaset. Today's decision to reorganize the mark rights lets us tap into additional revenue we can invest in continuing to secure the company's future. Nothing...

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  • A new era for Gigaset: Entering the smartphone market

    Gigaset, a leading name in the telecommunications and consumer electronics sector, recently announced that the company will expand its portfolio to focus on highlight growth markets: smart home solutions and mobile devices.

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  • New marketing campaign by Gigaset focusses on “digital emotions“

    Where´s the connection between a Labrador called Oscar and a Smart Home system? Gigaset elements presents the modularity of the system as part of a new digital campaign – with a series of episodes from a dog´s point of view. The intentionally striking marketing campaign centers on www.gigaset-elements.com

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  • Figures for the 1st quarter of 2015: Gigaset breaks even

    * Consolidated revenue rises to €70.1 million (Q1/2014: €65 million)

    * EBITDA improves to €8.8 million (Q1/2014: minus €7.7 million)

    * Positive consolidated net income of €0.8 million (Q1/2014: minus €12.2 million)

    * Free cash flow improves to minus €18.2 million (Q1/2014: minus €28.0 million)

    * CEO Charles Fränkl: “The new business segments are making a growing contribution to revenue. Revenue at the Business Customers Business Unit rose by 23 percent com-pared with the first quarter of...

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