You can control your Gigaset alarm system with Amazon Alexa via voice command

Convenient security via voice control: The Gigaset alarm system is now compatible with Amazon Alexa. Control your smart home easily and conveniently via voice command using your Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot. Activate the alarm system or set the alarm system to night mode with just a single sentence. Not only are you increasing the level of security in your home, but also how convenient the system is to use.

"Alexa, tell Gigaset…"

Familie mit Gigaet Alarmsystem Sprachsteuerung

Make your home even more secure with Amazon Alexa and the Gigaset alarm system. Really simply via voice control.

"Alexa, tell Gigaset: I'm leaving"

Frau zieht Schuhe an und redet mit Alexa

Before you leave the house, activate alarm mode quickly and easily with the voice command: "Alexa, tell Gigaset: I'm leaving". And what's especially handy is that you can put on your shoes or look for your car keys at the same time. The Gigaset alarm system automatically switches to out-of-home mode after a 30-second delay. This means that your home is optimally protected during your absence.

"Alexa, tell Gigaset: set custom"

Echo Dot auf einem Tisch

When you come home, you can simply and easily set the Gigaset alarm system to at-home mode using your smartphone. This means that only you have control over your home. You can then switch to your individually configured mode with the sentence "Alexa, tell Gigaset: set custom". You just need to set once which door and window sensors should be active in this mode, then in future you can simply switch to your individual mode via voice command.

"Alexa, tell Gigaset: I am going to bed"

Echo Dot auf einem Nachttisch

With the phrase "Alexa, tell Gigaset: I am going to bed", you can activate night mode. All access points such as doors and windows are guarded against potential intruders during this time. In addition, you will soon be able to switch off the lights and all electrical devices through your alarm system via voice command using the Gigaset plug.

How to connect Alexa to the Gigaset alarm system

  • Step 1: Alexa menu bar

    Step 1: Alexa menu bar
    Prerequisite: The alarm system must be connected to the Gigaset app and Amazon Alexa must be connected to the Amazon Alexa app. The first step is to go into the menu bar at the top of the Alexa app and click on "Skills".

  • Step 2: Amazon Alexa: All Skills

    Step 2: Amazon Alexa: All Skills
    You are now in the "All Skills" area in the Alexa app. You will find a search function at the top of the screen here.

  • Step 3: Search for Gigaset

    Step 3: Search for Gigaset
    Type "Gigaset" in the search bar. The Alexa app will show the skill "Gigaset Smart Home".

  • Step 4: Add Gigaset

    Step 4: Add Gigaset
    Select the skill "Gigaset Smart Home" and add it to the Alexa app.

  • Step 5: Enable Gigaset

    Step 5: Enable Gigaset
    After you have added the skill "Gigaset Smart Home", select the skill via the displayed button.

  • Step 6: Registration

    Step 6: Registration
    The next step is to link your Gigaset account to the Alexa app. Enter your Gigaset login name and password.

  • Step 7: Request for permission

    Step 7: Request for permission
    Confirm that Amazon Alexa is allowed to access your Gigaset account.

  • Step 8: Complete installation

    Step 8: Complete installation
    Ready to go! You will get a notification that Gigaset has been successfully connected to Amazon Alexa.


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