How can I enable resp. disabe the automatic Firmware version check?

When the version check is enabled, the phone checks on a daily basis whether the Gigaset configuration server has a new version of the phone firmware or the provider profile. If the telephone is not connected to the Internet at the time when the check is to be carried out (e.g., because the router is disabled), the check is carried out as soon as the phone is reconnected to the Internet.

If a new version is available, a message to this effect is shown on the display of the registered handsets. You can then perform an automatic update of the firmware or of the provider data.


You can enable resp. disable the autom. version check as follow:

  • Open Web-Configuration
  • Click to Settings - Management - Firmware update
  • Select Yes next to "Automatic check for software/profile updates" to enable the automatic version check. Select No if you do not want a version check to be carried out.