Gigaset ION


Gigaset ION

The UC handset for flexible use – for when you are in the office, at the home office or out and on business trips

Efficient internal and external communication is indispensable for the success of a company. In particular, it is the office concepts of today that require flexibility in all relevant communication services. UC (Unified Communications) systems marry for example telephony, video conferencing, emails and Instant Messaging into one application environment. The new Gigaset ION has been developed explicitly for the demands of today’s UC users: It combines the convenience of a DECT handset and the compatibility with existing UC solutions. Being compatible with Microsoft Teams*, Zoom* and many softphones, and integration into UC solutions from SWYX and Unify Circuit, the Gigaset ION supports the world’s leading UC platforms. At the same time it enjoys the benefits of a leading edge DECT handset: HD audio quality, handsfree function, plug & play installation and microphone with noise-cancelling optimisation. Regardless of whether you are in the office, at conferences or at the home office – the new Gigaset ION features mobility without bounds and greatest possible freedom for all employees.

* Compatibility provided by standard USB driver functions

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Automatic switchover of audio modes

Make calls just as you like: With the integrated proximity sensor, the Gigaset ION detects which audio mode is required. The phone switches automatically, and even during an ongoing call, from handsfree mode to handset mode (for example) when it is taken out of the charging cradle and held up to the ear. The encrypted DECT connection means there is no risk in terms of data protection, and no confidential information is disclosed.

Flexibility through compatibility

The Gigaset ION can be used as an audio output device for virtually all softphones and UC clients running Linux, Windows or Mac OS – the USB port used means you enjoy maximum flexibility. The Gigaset DECT STICK also enables use from any desk phone, provided it has a USB port (e.g. for headsets). Standard USB drivers are used for plug & play installation.

DECT: Mobile freedom

The Gigaset ION renders usable all the benefits of present-day telephony: Its DECT interface, that connects to the Gigaset DECT STICK provided, ensures mobility without bounds. This stick can simply be inserted in the USB port on the PC or laptop, or the ION charging cradle, and enables wireless communication with a range up to 300 metres. Looking for yet more mobile flexibility? The Gigaset ION can be charged either in the charging cradle or remotely over the USB-C port.

Suitable to comply with new hygiene strategies

In the office, where many people are in contact every day, the risk of infection from cold germs or flu viruses is very great, especially in the winter months. Thanks to its disinfection-resistant surface, the Gigaset ION is able to satisfy new hygiene standards: Quickly cleaning its surface enables bacteria and viruses to be removed – meaning in addition unproblematic use by multiple employees.

Environmentally friendly and radiation-free thanks to ECO DECT

The Gigaset ION features the environmentally friendly ECO DECT technology. This means: In standby, the device is radiation-free. During a call, the transmit power automatically adapts to the distance between base (Gigaset DECT STICK) and handset. The shorter the distance to the base, the lower the radiation. This means you reduce current consumption and radiation levels - whilst retaining the continuous, excellent power level.

Long-life battery & flexible usage

280 hours of standby and 14 hours of talk time – the Gigaset ION is reliable and makes possible long calls. A LED display provides information at any time on the battery level and issues a warning when the remaining runtime is low. Reliability and straightforward charging from a PC/laptop, charger station, primary device or with additional USB-C power supply contribute towards flexible use. This way the Gigaset ION aids in the realisation of new working models such as desk sharing, open-plan work areas and switching between the office and home office.

Technical details


Article name
Gigaset ION
General features
Calls in parallel (IP)
DECT Standards
DECT, CAT iq 2.0
Interfaces internal
Autom. reduction of transmission power, Radiation-free in standby mode, Low energy consumption
Additional features
Standby time up to (h)
Talk time up to (h)
Range warning tone
Optical call signaling
LED flashing light
Audio features
Sound Quality / Accustic Features
HD Voice (CAT-iq certified), HD Voice (wideband voice)
Handsfree talking
Handsfree talking handset / base / Main device
Adjustable Volume
Via Sidekey
Number of ringtones
Keypad features
Illuminated Keypad
Scratch and disinfectant resistance
Dimensions / Specs
Handset, H x W x D in mm
Handset, weight incl. Accu in g
Charger, H x W x D in mm
Charger, weight in g
128 g
Accu Type
2 x NiMH AAA
Gigaset professional single cell systems
Gigaset professional mulitcell systems
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Gigaset ION

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Technical information

Further technical information such as manuals, data sheets, firmware updates, FAQs and information on compatibility can be found in the Gigaset Professional Wiki.