Extending the range of services smartly with the sensor-based emergency call system

More and more people need support because of their age or because of their special needs (care degree). This also increases the need for digital solutions that enable care at home. With the sensor-based assistance system Gigaset Smart Care, you expand your portfolio - and offer modern services for safe living at home. You position yourself as an innovative provider and give those in need of care and their relatives the good feeling of security within their own four walls.

The application of the Smart Care System in practice

1| Reliable alerting

In case of emergency and other predefined situations, you receive a reliable, radio-based alarm. On the Smart Care Cockpit - the web-based alarm and system management tool - you can see the following information at a glance after logging in:

• Possible critical alarms (Urgent Alarms)

For example in these cases:

- No activity of the caregiver

- Caregiver has left the house

- Smoke/water detection

- Burglary alarm

• Other important notifications (Further notifications)

For example:

- Critical battery charge status

- Offline messages from smoke detectors, base stations and sensors

As soon as you click on an alarm message, a screen window opens with detailed information about the respective alarm.

If you confirm the alarm, it is registered as accepted and is no longer displayed in the alarm window.

2| Prompt reaction

Direct alerting enables you to react promptly to critical situations and thus increase the safety of the persons you care for.

You agree in advance with each caregiver individually what the escalation path should look like in the event of an alarm.

You have these options for reacting to an alarm:

  • Call the person being cared for to make sure everything is okay.
  • Send someone to check on site.
  • Informing defined emergency contacts who will then become active.

3| Targeted care

On the basis of intelligent alerting, you provide targeted care:

a) Person-related, manually triggered alarms

• via the easy-to-use Gigaset emergency button - which can be worn on the wrist or as a necklace

• via the highly visible Gigaset panic button, which can be positioned in the bathroom, for example

b) Person-related alarms reported by sensors

Case studies:

Leaving home
Automatically triggers an alarm when the elderly person leaves the house/apartment. An alarm is also triggered if she does not return home.

No waking up in the morning
The sensors detect if the elderly person gets up in the morning as usual.

No activity
Automatically triggers an alarm if no movement is registered for a longer, predefined period of time.

The fall sensor detects falls quickly and reliably - and triggers an alarm.

Smoke development
The Smoke Sensor sounds an alarm immediately and effectively in the event of smoke development.*

Water leakage
The Water Sensor triggers an alarm in case of water leakage.*

4| Individual settings

The modular design allows you to set up the Smart Care System to suit the exact needs of the person you are caring for.

We offer two solutions for emergency calls:

• the certified home emergency call for people with a care degree (Gigaset Smart 100 home emergency call)

• a more cost-effective emergency call solution for people without a care level (Gigaset Smart Unit with integrated telephony).

The same alarm scenarios are available with both solutions: person-related, manually triggered alarms - or sensor-based alarms.

5| Modular expansion for maximum flexibility

If desired, the system can be expanded in a modular way: Smart Home functions such as heating control can be integrated. Or alarms in case of burglary, smoke or water leakage.

You define how the system is put together in each case.

This can look very different for each customer. For example, you can start small, with only emergency call sensors - and then add more sensors step by step to cover other scenarios (e.g. sensors that warn in case of water leakage or sensors that report the status of doors and windows - closed, open, tilted). Or you can select several different sensors right from the start.

Large product portfolio: Compile the Gigaset Smart Care System flexibly and individually and adapt it optimally to your needs and the needs of your customers.

Easy installation: The sensors can be installed without drilling or tearing open walls. They are simply stuck on and can be removed without leaving any residue.

6| Individual settings

If relatives or additional accompanying persons are to be involved in the care, the Smart Care App (in connection with Smart Unit) is the ideal mobile solution.

The app alerts directly via the smartphone in case of predefined scenarios. For example, relatives can immediately call the elderly person, drive by or organise help.

Variety for more security: the product portfolio

Discover all hardware elements of Smart Care here. You can combine the products and sensors according to your needs in order to optimally meet every customer requirement.

Gigaset base stations

Gigaset peripherals

* Currently only compatible with the Smart Unit