The Gigaset alarm system

Gigaset alarm systems

From large houses to small urban apartments: individual households need an individual degree of safety. Gigaset has recognised this, which is why it has developed its Smart Home alarm system in three different sizes. The basic module of all variants is the base station. The Gigaset alarm system S with a door and motion sensor and alarm siren provides ideal protection particularly for smaller apartments located on upper floors where intruders often gain access through the foyer. The size M solution offers single family homes and ground floor apartments an excellent degree of protection with extra window sensors. The L version is ideal for large apartments and houses, because it offers additional security with the wireless indoor camera in addition to motion sensors. 

Furthermore, users can adapt all three security solutions to suit their individual households with extension such as additional sensors. One example is if you move house and the number of entrances changes.

The alarm system for a safe home - optimum protection for apartments and houses

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