Greater security in the smart home with partner systems

Network the Gigaset alarm system intelligently with Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Philips Hue

Switch off your living room light from the sofa, or quickly switch everything off while you put on your shoes to leave the house. This is possible via a voice command to the Amazon Alexa and Google Home assistants. Gigaset Smart Home alarm systems have the ability to connect to this voice assistant, thereby enhancing comfort and security in your home.

In addition, the Gigaset alarm systems in sizes S, M and L network with the Philips Hue smart lighting system. Together, the systems form to provide ideal protection against intruders. If a suspected break-in is taking place, the door or window sensor triggers an alarm and all Philips Hue lights are automatically switched on. The lights also go on if the Gigaset smoke detector smoke alarm is sounded — a life-saving protection mechanism.

Partner systems

Control alarm system via Alexa

Comfortable security thanks to voice control: The Gigaset alarm system is now compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Partner systems

Connecting Google Assistant to the alarm system

Networking between Google Assistant and the Gigaset alarm system provides even greater comfort.

Partner systems

Lighting control with Philips Hue

The Philips Hue lighting system combined with the Gigaset alarm system offers even greater security for your home.

Partner systems

Conrad Connect



  • The siren as an effective deterrent.
    This enhancement to the Gigaset alarm system immediately triggers an alarm if a break-in is suspected. The siren can be operated manually using the button or via the Gigaset app.

    Loud, deterring alarm (100 decibels)
    Automatically disabled after 90 seconds or alternatively directly via the Gigaset app
    Simply plug into a socket
    Update-capable (wireless via the Gigaset app)
    Compatible with the Gigaset alarm systems S, M, and L

    + app + free cloud service
    Нет в наличии
  • The reasonable addition for your Gigaset alarm system for larger houses and apartments.
    The motion sensor enhances the Gigaset alarm system for any room. Human movement activates the infrared motion sensor.

    Security for another room
    Infrared motion sensor for indoors
    Triggered as soon as someone moves inside your home (excludes small pets up to approx. 25 kg)
    Wireless installation without drilling (plug&play)
    Battery operated (battery life approx. 1-2 years, depending on usage)
    Compatible with the Gigaset alarm systems S, M, and L

    + app + free cloud service
    Нет в наличии


  • Gigaset Smart Home protection

    Don’t give intruders a chance

    A Smart Home alarm system not only protects your four walls from uninvited guests, it also offers excellent convenience.


  • Gigaset app control centre

    Always know what’s going on at home no matter where you are - with the Gigaset app.


  • Greater security through Smart Home

    Never leave your own home unguarded again. Smart Home protects you from intrusion and fire damage. These devices are essential.