How can I configure the base to display the Info Services as a screensaver or Info Ticker?

You can configure your base to display a customized information feed (e.g., weather

reports, newsfeeds) in the device's idle display.

To do so, you must enable the Info Ticker or the Info Services screensaver on your base.


Info Services screensaver:

  • Open Menu-Settings-Display-Screensaver

The current setting is displayed.

You can enter data in the following fields:


  • Select On (screensaver is displayed) or Off (no screensaver).


  • Select Info Services and press OK.
  • Press the display key Save.


Info Ticker:

  • Open Menu-Settings-Display-Info Ticker
  • Activate the Info Ticker

The ticker starts as soon as the telephone changes to idle status. If, however, a message is shown in the idle display, the information ticker is not displayed.


The default InfoService is the weather report. You can select the information to be displayed

via the server.


  • Enter the following address in the address field of your PC's Web browser:

    Enter your user ID and password on the page. You will find your user ID and password on the Web configurator page specified above.

In both cases, a Web page is opened on which you can compile your info services.