How can I receive e-mail messages from incoming e-mail server.

Your phone will notify you when new e-mail messages have been received on your incoming e-mail server. You can set your phone to periodically connect to your incoming e-mail server and check whether you have new e-mail. Any new e-mail messages that have been received are displayed on the base and on all Gigaset handsets that have been registered:

you will hear an advisory tone, the message key will flash and the message icon will be displayed in the idle display.

You can use your phone to connect to the incoming e-mail server and display the sender, date and time of receipt, subject and text (abbreviated if necessary) for every e-mail message in the incoming mail list.



  • Your base is connected to the Internet.
  • You have set up an e-mail account with an ISP.
  • The incoming e-mail server uses the POP3 protocol (secure SSL/TLS connections to POP3S server are not supported).
  • You have stored the name of the incoming e-mail server and your personal access data (account name, password) in the phone via the Web configurator.


Do the following steps to configure the e-mail notification via the Web configurator:

  • Open the Settings - E-Mail in the Web configurator
  • Enter the user name(account name) agreed with the internet provider (max. 74 characters) in the Authentication Name field
  • Enter the password agreed with the provider for accessing the incoming e-mail server (max. 32 charaters; case sensitive) in the Authentication password field.
  • Enter the name of the incoming e-mail server(POP3 server) (max. 74 characters) in the POP3 Server field. Example:
  • From the Check for new e-mail list select the time interval at which your phone should check if the new messages have arrived in your incoming e-mail server. Select Never to deactivate the promt. Select one of the other values to activate the promt for new e-mail messages.
  • Select the Set button to save the settings in your phone.