How can I register a Bluetooth device(Headset/Mobile phone/Data Device) to the Gigaset?

Before you can use your Bluetooth devices, you must first activate Bluetooth and then
register the devices to the desktop phone. To use the phone numbers, dialing codes
(country and area code) must be stored on the desktop phone.

Activating/deactivating Bluetooth mode

  • Menu
  • Bluetooth
  • Activation
  • Select and press OK to activate or deactivate Bluetooth mode

When the desktop phone is in idle status, the icon in the header indicates that Bluetooth mode is activated. As soon as Bluetooth is activated, your desktop phone is visible to all Bluetooth devices
in the receiving range and can communicate with all of the devices included in the Known Devices list.

Registering Bluetooth devices
The distance between the desktop phone in Bluetooth mode and the activated Bluetooth device (headset or data device) should be no more than 10 m.

  • Menu
  • Bluetooth
  • Search for Headset / Search for Mobile phone / Search for Data Device

The search can take up to 30 seconds. Once the device has been found, its name or address is shown on the display.

  • Press the display key “Options”.
  • Trust Device
  • Select and press OK.
  • Enter the PIN of the Bluetooth device to be registered and press OK.

Generally you can enter a PIN of your choice for a data device. Subsequently, you must enter this PIN in the data device, too. Enter the preset PIN for the headset (usually:0000). For further information, please refer to the headset user guide. The device is saved in the list of known devices.


Please note:

You can operate headsets on your handset that have the headset or handsfree profile. If both profiles are available, the handsfree profile is used to communicate.

It can take up to five seconds to establish a connection between your desktop phone and a Bluetooth headset. This applies both when a call is accepted using the headset or transferred to the headset, and when a number is dialed from the headset.

If you would like to use a headset already registered to another device (e.g., to a mobile phone) with your desktop phone, please deactivate this connection before you start the registration process.
The known devices list can only contain one Bluetooth headset. If you register a second headset, the first one is deleted from the list.
If the list already contains six entries, the last device to be entered is deleted during the subsequent registration process.
Exception: The headset entry is only overwritten by a new headset and a headset only overwrites the headset entry.