How can I save the settings for the desktop phone on the PC?


In the WebGUI open the Settings - Management - Save & Restore Web page.

In the Save device settings to PC area:

Click the Save button next to Save settings.

The desktop phone will create a file Gigaset-yyyy-mm-dd.cfg (default name;

yyyy = year 4-digit format, mm = month 2-digit, dd = day 2-digit) with the

configuration data.

A browser-specific dialogue box appears where you can open/save the file.

Change the name, if necessary, and save the file on your PC.


The file will then contain e.g.:


  • The settings for the local network (IP configuration),
  • The active MSNs/connections,
  • The assignment of send and receive connections,
  • Your own local area code and access code,
  • Network mailbox number,
  • The info services settings,
  • The settings for synchronisation with a time server,
  • The ECO DECT settings,
  • The settings for ringer melodies and volume levels



If you change the settings accidentally or you need to reset the desktop phone due

to a fault, you can reload the saved settings from the file on your PC to your phone.

Open the Settings - Management - Save & Restore Web page.