Gigaset G-tag (Pack of five)


Gigaset G-tag (Pack of five)

Bluetooth for whole family: our innovative product G-tag.
  • Quickly finds missing items
  • App is simple to install and use
  • App keeps track of multiple G-tags at once
  • The complete package including all available colours

Designed to find.

It's easy to misplace, forget or loose things. But now there is G-tag from Gigaset to prevent this from happening. G-tag is one of our innovative new peoducts and boasts search, alarm and reminder functions, not to mention a permanent connection between you and the G-tag marked items. G-tag is a convenient and effective way to to protect and locate important and cherished possessions.

Searching. Checking. Finding.

G-tag searches for and finds lost or misplaced items, gives off an alarm as soon as an item moves outside of the range of the Bluetooth® connection, helps people find their parked cars and boasts a list feature that reminds yout to keep important things with you at all times. G-tag can even utilise GPS to locate things that are outside of its range. 

G-tag is really so simple.

Start by downloading the free G-tag app and then establish a connection between it and G-tag. All features will then be ready to use. Bluetooth® 4.0 maintains a permanent connection to each G-tag, no matter how many items you have marked. Because it consumes so little energy, the battery lasts for up to a year - and replacing it could not be more straightforward.
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Gigaset G-tag (Pack of five)
iPhone 4s, iPad3, iPod touch (fifth generation) or later models with iOS 7 or newer. Android smartphones with Bluetooth® 4.0 or newer and with Android 4.4.2 or newer
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Gigaset G-tag (Pack of five)


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