The handset is connected via bluetooth and appears in the list of known handsets, but is marked as being unavailable (red dot). What can I do?

using USB connection:

Check that the USB cable is connected correctly and try again.


using Bluetooth connection:

Make sure that Bluetooth is activated on the handset and the Mac.

If the problem still occur, delete the old Bluetooth connection and create a new one in manual mode:

  • Open System Preferences > Bluetooth and delete the handset from the list there
  • Deactivate Bluetooth on the handset and disable the handset
  • Take the battery out of the handset and wait for a few seconds. Put the battery back in the handset
  • Close all programs on the Mac
  • Activate Bluetooth on the Mac and the handset
  • Open System Preferences > Bluetooth and add your handset manually. Click on "Configure Bluetooth device" to start the Apple Bluetooth wizard. Choose "All devices" from the device type menu and then select your handset from the list of all found devices. Follow the wizard's instructions
  • Important: The handset will now ask you for the Bluetooth PIN. Enter the password displayed in the Bluetooth wizard. The question "Save to list of known devices?" should appear — press "Yes" to confirm
  • Restart Gigaset QuickSync
  • Click on the [+] symbol in the list of all known handsets. All existing handsets are listed
  • Select your handset and click "Next" to connect