Which Gigasets are supported by the Gigaset QuickSync for MacOS?

Gigaset QuickSync can only be used with the following Gigasets:

  • Gigaset CL660HX
  • Gigaset SL56
  • Gigaset SL37H
  • Gigaset S68H
  • Gigaset SL78H
  • Gigaset S79H
  • Gigaset S800H
  • Gigaset S810H
  • Gigaset S820H
  • Gigaset S850H
  • Gigaset S850HX
  • Gigaset SL350
  • Gigaset SL360HS
  • Gigaset SL400H
  • Gigaset SL450H
  • Gigaset SL450HX
  • Gigaset SL910H
  • Gigaset DL500A
  • Gigaset DX600A ISDN
  • Gigaset DX800A all in one
  • Gigaset S510H PRO
  • Gigaset S650H PRO
  • Gigaset SL610H PRO
  • Gigaset SL750H PRO
  • Gigaset DE700IP PRO
  • Gigaset DE900IP PRO
  • Gigaset DE310IP PRO
  • Gigaset DE410IP PRO

Only handsets featuring western or central European, Cyrillic, Greek or Turkish character sets are supported.


Please note:

The character set used on your handset must correspond with the system language settings on your Mac.

The handset software cannot be updated with firmware.