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Version 0.1.4
Please note: User manuals include general information, device properties and legal requirements as of date of printing. Terms and conditions may have changed after this point in time, e.g. according to changes of legal requirements. The following summary informs about changes which may not be included in the user manual that you intend to download. The following summary is not exhaustive but meant to give you an overview. We accept no liability for this summary being complete, correct and/or up-to-date.

1. Contact data such as addresses, hotline numbers as well as fees for calls from land lines or mobile/wireless phones are subject to change . Thus user manuals of older products may not include the correct information anymore. Therefore please have a look onto our Customer Service pages where this information is being regularly updated.

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Manuals for Gigaset A400A Duo

Gigaset A400/A400A Mode d'emploi (version complète) fr FR

Gigaset AS320-AS320A Mode d'emploi (version complète) fr FR

Gigaset AL320-AL320A Mode d'emploi (version complète) fr FR