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  • I move and do not want to mount the smoke from the high ceiling. Can the tenant use it?

    Yes, the smoke also works without a connection like a normal smoke detector. He will nevertheless report any smoke development for up to 10 years.

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  • I get the error message "incorrectly mounted" but the smoke is right installed on the ceiling?

    Please turn the cover right until it clicks into place. This should solve the message.

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  • My system was offline and although all sensors are back online, smoke is still offline.

    The smoke sends a heartbeat to the base only every few hours, so it can take a little longer before it reconnects.

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  • The smoke has reported to me that he has a software update - but it does not start.

    Please start the update on your mobile phone and then press the TEST key of your smokes. Now the software update should start. This can take some time, but it does not harm the functionality.

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  • How many smoke sensors do I need?

    The fire brigade advises a smoke alarm in the hallway / entrance area and all bedrooms. Do not install in the kitchen as this can often lead to false alarms. Even in wet rooms is not advised to install.

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  • How do I know, if it was just a burnt pan?

    The smoke not only signals smoke, but also from where and when it no longer perceives smoke. So they quickly see, if the smoke alarm near the kitchen alarm has struck and after her partner has ennobled - just no more.

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  • I have just installed the smoke and the test showed me briefly, the battery is empty.

    In some cases, the test results in the software misinterpreting the voltage loss and indicating the wrong battery voltage for a fraction of a second. Shortly after the test the warning should disappear again.

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  • What does the internal and exchangeable battery mean?

    The smoke has an internal battery with a lifetime of 10 years. This battery provides the smoke alarm function. The replaceable battery holds approximately 5-8 years and supplies the Gigaset elements module, which connects the smoke to the base.

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  • The smoke requires a test. What should I do ?

    When you press briefly on the TEST button on their smoke, sounds a TEST sound. That's it.

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  • How can I connect the smoke with my elements siren?

    The smoke is oriented to the attitude they have chosen for the outside. If the siren is active for alarm, the siren will also turn on in case of smoke alarm alerts.

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