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Analog Phones


  • Base reset
    • Unplug the power-supply unit from the socket.
    • Press and hold down the paging key on the base station.
    • Plug in the power-supply unit again.
    • Keep the paging key on the base station pressed.
    • Release the paging key after 3 seconds.

    PLEASE NOTE! The entire contents of the memory will be deleted. All portable handsets will be deregistered. The system code will be reset to 0000.

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  • What does DECT mean?

    DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications and is an international standard for cordless telephones. DECT systems use radio waves to transmit information between the handset and base station.

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  • How can I set up the handset volume?

  • Press 4 4 1
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  • Can I use repeaters to increase my base's range?

    No, you cannot use repeaters. Gigaset-A devices do not work with repeaters.

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  • Reset the handset to factory conditions

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    • §Switch off handset
    • §Press 1, 4 and 7 and switch on the handset (SERVICE will appear)
    • §Enter 4 6 8 5 4 6 3 (HOTLINE)
    • §Handset switches off


    Handset is reset to the default setting (Phonebook and Redial list are empty)

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  • How can I change the Call list setting?
    • Press MENU key
    • Pres 4 3 9 1 0
    • 0 = Missed call list or
    • 1 = Call log list
    • Press OK
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  • Which handset is compatible to my A140/165/260/265 base?
    • The full compatibility is supported with the AL14H,A16 and A26 handsets
    • All other handsets will be supported as GAP handsets. The display and operating parameters cannot be programmed.
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  • What’s new about ECO DECT?

    For many years, Gigaset DECT handsets have automatically adjusted the transmission power depending on the distance from the base station. For example, the transmission power of the handset is reduced by approx. 75% when the handset is within five meters of the base station. The new Gigaset ECO DECT function further enhances this adjustment - the transmission power of the handset and base station is reduced to zero when the handset is docked in the base station.

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  • Is it possible to switch off the Music on hold?

  • Press MENU key
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  • How can I change the language from the handset?

    • §Press MENU key
    • and enter 3 2 1§

    §Choose the designated language with the control key


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Gigaset AL110 Duo - FAQ Topics


  • Audio / Ringer Tones
  • How can I set up the handset volume?

  • Press 4 4 1
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  • C

  • Call list
  • Compatibility
  • D

  • Directory / Phone book
  • Display
  • E

  • R

  • Reset procedures
  • Redial
  • Radio connection
  • S

  • Settings / Using / Handling
  • Karşılaştır