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  • How can I activate/deactivate WLAN?

    Activating/deactivating WLAN

    - Open Application screen --> Settings --> WLAN.

    - Drag switch by WLAN to the right to switch on WLAN function.

    The Gigaset attempts to connect with a WLAN in range. Once a connection has been established, you will see the WLAN icon in the toolbar. It displays the signal strength.

    When the WLAN function is switched on, you will receive a notification in the status bar by default when an open WLAN is found.

    Connecting to WLAN

    - Open Application screen --> Settings --> WLAN.

    - Drag switch by WLAN to the right to switch on WLAN function.

    - A list of WLANs in range of your Gigaset is displayed. An icon displays the signal strength. Secure networks are identified with a lock icon.

    - If necessary, tap on Scan to update the list.

    - Tap on the desired WLAN.

    - If necessary, enter password/network key.

    - Tap on Connect.

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  • Can it be charged via USB over PC or laptop?

    No, it takes a very long time when the display is switched off (only 500 mA charge current instead of 2000 mA). When the display is switched on and you work with the tablet it discharges. Please use only the original power supply.

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  • How much time takes it to charge the battery from 0-100%?

    Gigaset QV830: 4 hours Gigaset QV1030: 9 hours

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  • How can I reset the tablet to factory defaults?

    Reset via Android menu:

    1. Open „Settings“

    2. Select „Backup & reset“

    3. Select „Factory data reset“

    4. Confirm with "Reset tablet"

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  • My device doesn’t charge – what can I do?

    Under certain circumstances it could happen, that your Gigaset QV 830/1030 doesn’t start the charging process immediately. If so, it seems that it doesn’t charge at all, since the charging indication doesn’t appear as well.
    This behavior could be caused et al. by extremely usage (e.g. enduring maximum brightness of LCD and/or intensive 3D gameplay) without following the recharge instruction appearing in the display. Furthermore an enduring non-usage of the device within standby mode could cause this status. In this case the battery would be in a deep discharge mode.

    In order to solve this status please just charge your device for continuously several hours (best would be over night). Please use only the original power supply.

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  • Which SD cards are supported?

    The Gigaset Tablets QV830 and QV1030 support Micro SDHC cards (up to 32 GB).

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  • The wireless LAN connection drops frequently or is unstable? What can I do?

    The reason of those kind of problems could be caused by the structural conditions (distance to the router and the thickness of the walls / ceilings) or other "sparking devices" such as other wireless devices, Bluetooth devices, baby monitors, mobile phones, microwaves which could be affect the quality of the wireless connection.

    In these cases, you can try to avoid the interference by manually setting the WLAN channel at your WLAN router. The precise procedure for changing the WLAN channel can be found in the operating manual of the router.

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  • Why are seen on the display of the tablet after a short time of use scratch?

    On delivery, there is a protective film on the display. This film itself is scratch-sensitive and to remove before using the tablet.  

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  • Why the tablet vibrates even though I have turned off this feature?

    Android distinguishes between vibration feedback when scrolling in the menu and if typed on the keyboard. If you want to completely dispense with vibration feedback, so you should make the following settings:

    Settings -> (Device) Sounds -> (System) Vibrate on touch

    Settings -> (Device) Language & input -> (Keyboard & input methods) Google keyboard settings -> Vibrate on key-press.
    (Should you use an alternative keyboard, so they choose instead of Android keyboard this.)

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