Why I cannot synchronize contacts with Gigaset QuickSync for MacOS?

Contacts in the Mac Address Book that are not stored locally on the Mac, but are active in the Apple iCloud, cannot be synchronized. In this case, transfer the contacts to the phone manually or disable iCloud temporary in order to sync with the Gigaset QuickSync.

Disable iCloud on the Mac:

  • Open System Preferences
  • Go to the iCloud option
  • Turn off Contacts sync

If a message of "keep copy of local contacts" appears, then click "keep contacts". Now the contacts and groups will be available to sync with Sync Services and the Gigaset QuickSync software.

Transferring contacts to the phone:

  • Click on the "Address Book" icon to open the Mac Address Book
  • Drag and drop the new contacts from the Mac Address Book to the contact list, or copy and paste the contacts to the contact list. The added contacts are highlighted in green
  • Click on the "Update with phone" icon to transfer the new contacts to the phone.