For which purposes can I use the integrated Bluetooth functionality?

  • Connecting Bluetooth headsets Exchangeing adressbook entries as VCards
  • Receiving adressbook entries from a second Bluetooth device (e.g. mobile, PDA)
  • Sending adressbook entries to a second Bluetooth device (e.g. mobile, PDA)
  • Copying contacts from the PC to the adressbook of the handset using the QuickSync Software


Indications regarding the different functions:


Headset operation:

An outgoing call will not be transfered to the Bluetooth headset automatically. The connection to the call party has to be initiated as usual using the on-/off hook key at the handset or the handsfree key. Please press the on-/ off-hook key at the Bluetooth headset briefly to transfer the call from the handset to the headset

The Gigaset handset supports the Bluetooth Headset- and Handsfree Profile. Please make sure your Bluetooth headset supports one of these profiles too.


VCard transfer:

If you want to receive entries from a mobile phone or an PDA this can lead to problems, if you try to send a block of entries.

Fotos attached to a VCard entry will not be accepted from the Gigaset handset, due to restricted storage in the handset.

In some cases it leads to problems, if a foto is assigned to the VCards. In this case the only possibility is to send the entry without foto.