How can I program my button?

Every single button is separately programmable; this way every user can set up his individual button. Please keep in mind that only the latest configured rule can be processed by the button. Simply go to the RULE STORE to set up a new configuration. Under RULE TEMPLATES you can select the different click types of button (short, long, very long, double), i.e.TEMPLATE BUTTON – DOUBLE PRESS. Now a new surface pops up; you can select the desired button on the first field. Then you can choose the action to be executed in the second field. There you might configure that one or more plugs should be activated in case of a double click. Finally you´ll have to name your rule and confirm the process.
Now you´ve configured your button to function as a remote control for your plugs. With the rule store you are even able to configure individual alarms, set up rules to switch between home and away mode without your smartphone or control even more complex scenarios with your button.

Please be aware that the Rule Store is still running in an experimental beta phase; some features might not be available at the moment or need some sort of fine-tuning. If you encounter problems or failures concerning this matter, we would be glad to receive your feedback. Simply contact our customer service to share your experience with us.