I am having problems with login, what can I do?

If you can't log in, please check,

- whether the password you entered is correct. If you cannot remember the password, you can reset it.

- whether you are unable to log in on both my.gigaset-elements.com and on your smartphone app

- if you have registered correctly. You can tell if you have registered successfully by seeing if it is possible to reset your password. If you cannot reset your password it means that your email address is not known by the system and you are not registered. In this case we ask you to re-register.

If the problem persists, report it and we'll take care of it. So that we can help you as much as possible, please indicate in your message:
- If your Internet connection runs via WiFi or 3G
- Which app you have been trying to log in with (Android app, iPhone app, Web app)
- If your registration has been confirmed
- What product name your smartphone has (if applicable)
- What operating system and version your smartphone has (if applicable)
- What operating system your computer uses (if applicable)
- What Internet browser you used (if applicable)