What are the differences between home, away and custom mode?

To improve your control over the system you´ve got the possibility to choose between the three modes Home, Away and Custom. Simply go to your CONFIGURATION and choose the required mode from the operating interface; they differentiate in the following features:

In the home mode your sensors give you regular updates on their status or can notify you as soon as their condition changes. You can also get push notifications for homecoming events or updates of the system status. Your app only switches to alert mode if a suspected break-in is detected; optionally you can activate your siren to go off in this case.

If there is nobody at home over a long period of time, you can activate the away mode. During this time you´ll get instant notifications for every single event at your home. While your Gigaset elements system is in away mode, every movement will be classified as an irregularity and causes the screen to change to alert mode. You can also trigger siren for this mode; so it will release its alert sound automatically in case of a detected movement.

The custom mode allows you to freely configure your sensors to adjust your system until it fits your specific needs. With this mode you can determine precisely, in which cases a sensor should give you a response on its status. And you can set, which changes in a sensor´s state should trigger the alarm. You can also activate siren separately for alerts here.
To configure the custom mode you have to choose the third area of the operating interface in your CONFIGURATION; a new point called SENSORS adds to the menu. If you click on EDIT you are able to adjust three parameters for every sensor and each of its states:

1.OFF: The sensor doesn´t send you any notifications (Changes of status are shown in the event list). 2.NOTIFICATION: The sensor notifies you about every change of state via push message.
3. ALARM&NOTIFICATION: Every change of status triggers the alarm and you´ll get a push notification about the incident.