What possibilities does the Rule Store offer?

The Rule Store allows you to set up individual rules for your home. This way the Rule Store helps you to automatize various procedures in your home. You´re not only able to create simple rules like the automatic switching of a plug in a case of motion detection; i.e. a lamp that is steered by a plug could be turned on automatically as soon as a motion is registered in the hallway. Moreover you are capable to freely arrange very complex scenarios, which could also be steered without a smartphone – by using a button. For instance you could set up a rule that automatically switches to the Away mode on working days between 10 am and 5 pm, also turns off any plug in the house and activates the siren during this time; in addition you could extend the rule to be easily undone with a simple click on your button.
There are already some prearranged templates available when you start the Rule Store for the first time. These should help you to find easier access to the system. Generally all rules work based on the same formula: You choose an event, a sensor or another element of your system as a trigger, which starts a specific action at a predefined moment over a certain period of time.