How can I set a schedule for my plug?

You can use the timer function in the app if your plug should be switched on for a predefined time scale. Simply go to your dashboard and select the menu item PLUG. There you can choose the desired plug and click on the chronograph symbol. Now you can set the time frame for plug to be turned on. Confirm your configuration to start the timer. If you would like to end it earlier, you can just turn off the corresponding plug in the app or manually. You can also see every activated timer in the plug overview.
If your plug should be switched automatically during prearranged times, you can set up a rule in the RULE STORE instead. This menu item makes it possible to configure the automated use of one or more plugs on specific days and times. This way you can program more complex scenarios.

Please be aware that the Rule Store is still running in an experimental beta phase; some features might not be available at the moment or need some sort of fine-tuning. If you encounter problems or failures concerning this matter, we would be glad to receive your feedback. Simply contact our customer service to share your experience with us.