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Munich, September 9, 2013 – Gigaset elements, the new, sensor- and cloud-based solution for the networked home, is now on sale. The intelligent, modular system connects people with their home and actively helps enhance everyday life. Its first component is the safety starter kit, which creates security for the home when householders are away. Further solutions in the fields of energy and care are planned in future.

Gigaset elements connects people with their home
Gigaset elements is an intelligent, sensor- and cloud-based system for one of the most important places in anyone’s life: the home. It can be extended and is easy to install, enabling everyone to finally have a smart home. Sensors register what is happening within the four walls and forward information reliably to the householder’s own smartphone. Thanks to its modular design, Gigaset elements offers a wide range of possibilities and extensions with application areas to suit everyone.

Simple to get started – versatile extensions
The safety starter kit is the foundation for the versatile uses of Gigaset elements and focuses on the issue of security. It consists of two intelligent DECT ULE-based sensors – the door sensor “door” and the motion sensor “motion” – as well as the base station “base” and an app for smartphones (compatible with the iPhone 3Gs and later and Android™ version 2.3 and above). An intelligent, learning and secure cloud is behind Gigaset elements, acting as an interface between the home and smartphone.

“The system is designed to enable expandability and maximum customizing,” says Nicholas Ord, Head of the “Home Networks” Business Unit at Gigaset. “Gigaset elements can be expanded by users in a modular manner – initially with additional door and motion sensors (“door” and “motion”), as well as the window sensor “window” and the alarm siren “siren.” Additional components and extensive solutions in the fields of energy and care are planned in future.

Internet of Things for the mass market
Beginning with the issue of safety, Gigaset elements opens up the future market of the Internet of Things, thus helping modern, mobile and better networked people to keep in touch with their home and so protect this sensitive and private place.

“Gigaset elements defines a new market and goes beyond currently existing product categories. The future possibilities are enormous,” adds Ord. “With the safety starter kit, we’re addressing a very topical and growing problem in Germany. Statistically speaking, a burglary is committed every two minutes – and many of them are even carried out in broad daylight. With Gigaset elements, we give our customers the chance to play it safe as far as their home is concerned, wherever they happen to be, without any subscription or contract lock-in.”

The first elements:
1. app (application): The free app (for smartphones and browsers) means the home is just a click away.
    It enables users to take immediate action in response to any unexpected incidents.
2. base (base station): The platform for using Gigaset elements and connecting the sensors with the
3. motion (motion sensor): Without cables and powered by battery, “motion” detects people moving in
    the home.
4. door (door sensor): Without cables and powered by battery, “door” distinguishes between normal
    opening of a door and an attempted burglary.
5. window (window sensor): Without cables and powered by battery, “window” delivers information on
    the current status of the window and whether it is opened or closed.
6. siren (alarm siren): In the event of an attempted burglary, “siren” emits a loud alarm as a deterrent
    – especially effective against anyone breaking in for the first time.

“With Gigaset elements, Gigaset has taken a path-breaking step in a new direction. With its attractive price, ease of installation and intuitive use, we’ve created a product that’s just as suitable for the mass market as any of our cordless phones and, with its customary Gigaset quality ‘Made in Germany,’ is thus a core component in our Gigaset 2015 strategy and one that will help us tap new growth segments,” says Charles Fränkl, CEO of Gigaset AG.

Gigaset elements is now on sale. The safety starter kit has a recommended retail price (RRP) of €199.99. The additional elements “door,” “motion,” “window” and “siren” each cost €49.99 (RRP). The smartphone app is free of charge and no further costs are incurred for using it.

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Gigaset AG, Munich, is an internationally operating company in the area of communications technology. The company is Europe's market leader in DECT telephones. The premium supplier ranks second worldwide with around 1,400 employees and a market presence in around 70 countries.

Gigaset AG is listed on the Prime Standard of Deutsche Börse and so is subject to the very highest requirements for transparency. Its shares are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol ‘GGS’ (ISIN: DE0005156004).

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