Gigaset phones: Quality to suit any requirement

Whether it's for your home, workplace or Grandma's telephone table, Gigaset always has the perfect phone. From simple phones to premium products, we always develop our landline phones using state-of-the-art technology and with the individual needs of our users at the heart of our designs. Choose from our extensive range now.

The ideal partner for your home

Many people appreciate the advantages of landline phones: Reliable connections with no dead spots, outstanding voice quality and a high level of comfort thanks to a practical shape that often feels better against your ear than a mobile phone. When you purchase a Gigaset device, you'll receive a high-quality phone developed by real communication experts. Thanks to our 160 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, you can be sure that all our products offer high-performance technology, functional design and outstanding "Made in Germany" quality.

  • Büyük tuşlara ve aydınlatmalı ekrana sahip, kullanımı kolay telefon.
    Büyük ergonomik tuşlar ve iyi aydınlatılmış ekran
    Ekstra yüksek ses seviyesi ayarı için ses artırma tuşu
    LED ile optimum arama sinyali
    Önemli telefon numaraları için 4 programlanabilir doğrudan arama tuşu
    İşitme cihazı uyumlu
    99 girişe kadar telefon rehberi
    Stokta yok


  • Import telephone contacts

    With the Gigaset ContactsPush app for Android and Apple you are easily able to transfer smartphone contacts to your landline telephone.


  • Get the most out of IP telephony

    The future of telephony is IP. The new technology offers a host of benefits, such as HD-quality sound and parallel calls.


  • Five practical smartphone features

    Whether power bank, keeper or to-do app - these five smartphone features make your life considerably easier.