• Follow the Money: Woman Buy Conference 2015

    Munich, November 21, 2014 - Numerous studies show that women make over 80 percent of the buying decisions, even when it comes to big ticket items such as cars and homes – all in all women influence 90% of consumer purchases. The European industry is beginning to recognize this potential, but is still leaving loads of money on the table. The Women Buy Conference 2015 in Munich is explicitly addressing this topic to help companies capture the female share of wallet. As part of the conference,...

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  • Move to the future: Gigaset Munich changes location

    The headquarters of the Munich-based telecommunications company Gigaset is moving to another location in the city. The new head office of the European market leader in DECT cordless phones will be the Seidl Forum at the heart of Munich. As a result, the company is moving from its former site at Siemensstadt in Obersendling, where the company had its roots, to the center of Munich.

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  • Financial Results Q3 2014: Gigaset significantly improves EBITDA and consolidated net income

    EBITDA from continuing operations in the third quarter: €4.4 million (Q3/2013: €3.8 million).

    Consolidated net income from continuing operations in the third quarter: minus €0.2 million (Q3/2013: minus €3.8 million).

    Consolidated revenue from continuing operations in the third quarter: €72.0 million (Q3/2013: €76.6 million).

    Free cash flow from continuing operations in the third quarter: €7.6 million (Q3/2013: minus €9.9 million).

    Initial revenue from the smart home system Gigaset elements...

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  • The Gigaset Maxwell 10: desktop telephone with Android operating system for business use

    In the ever-changing world of business communication devices, the one product that seems to have stood still is the desktop phone. But research shows that we still make heavy use of landlines for business communication. That’s why Gigaset pro is launching a new desktop device to meet the needs of the modern business: the Maxwell 10. This is an HD video tele-phone with a touchscreen and the Android operating system, including Internet connectivi-ty. Its intuitive interface makes transferring...

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  • Gigaset cashback promotion! Premium products now available at low prices

    In the run-up to Christmas, Gigaset is promoting its premium SL930A, SL910A, SL910, SL400A and SL400 DECT cordless phones by offering €30.00 cashback which will be paid straight into purchasers' current accounts. Customers can upgrade their home phones or give someone a special Christmas present with a premium handset from Gigaset. The pro-motion begins on October 1, 2014 and will run until January 31, 2015.

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