“Creating a World Beyond Telephony” – Gigaset to Rely on Android and an Open Cloud-Based Platform

Munich / Berlin, August 29, 2012 – In a highly dynamic market environment, Gigaset is presently undergoing a transformative process which will evolve it from a supplier of cordless landline telephones into a full-service provider of networked communications solutions. Perspectives on the future product portfolio that will emerge from the new “Gigaset 2015” strategy can be seen under the theme of “Creating a World Beyond Telephony” at IFA (Hall 9, Booth 211) from August 31 to September 5, 2012. 

For the first time, Gigaset will present itself in its new orientation with three business fields: Consumer Products and the new high-growth areas of Business Customers and Home Networks. At the fair, Gigaset will show its expanded technological competence in all three fields, which will go far beyond Gigaset’s core business in cordless telephony. Consistently and across all business divisions, Gigaset will rely on an open modular IP platform that facilitates cloud-based Internet services and supports a comprehensive portfolio of applications and services. To ensure that its customers will continue to benefit from speedy cycles of innovation and a wide variety of new applications, Gigaset will expand its present focus on the time-tested DECT standard to primarily also include Google’s Android operating system. 


“At IFA, we’ll present the first concrete steps in the implementation of our new growth strategy, which we call ‘Gigaset 2015.’ At the trade show, we’ll demonstrate our strongly expanded technological competence, which offers a forward-looking view of the Gigaset portfolio’s new orientation,” explains Charles Fränkl, CEO of Gigaset AG.


Home Networks – Impetus for Future Growth

The Home Networks segment is the newest pillar in Gigaset’s new strategy. Here, Gigaset introduces an innovative IP-based system that connects modern people with their homes, even when they’re away from home. 


In this context, Gigaset will debut concrete concepts from the new “Gigaset elements” product line: ultramodern sensors are linked to an Internet-capable DECT ULE basis and a secure web server to facilitate diverse applications in the home environment. Prototypes at the trade fair show how “Gigaset elements” automatically detects if an outer door has been broken open, a washing machine is overflowing, a window is open or the climate in a room is within the comfort range. A smartphone app immediately notifies the user, no matter where he happens to be at the moment, thus giving him the opportunity to take appropriate action. Future fields of application for “Gigaset elements” include security, care-giving, energy management and many others.


Agreements Have Already Been Signed for the First Developmental Partnerships

“Gigaset elements” builds upon an open platform consisting of hardware, software and cloud-based applications. The starter package will cost no more than one of Gigaset’s high-end cordless telephones. “Gigaset elements” will be modularly expansible so it can grow along with its user’s needs. To expand the business model, Gigaset has already signed initial developmental partnership agreements with leading companies such as Bosch, Osram, Securitas and Vitaliberty. Together with its partners, Gigaset plans to collaboratively develop innovative solutions and services.


Simply and quickly installable by the user himself, “Gigaset elements” will also be intuitively operable. Gigaset accordingly expects to make networked home living affordably and commercially available for everyone by the second quarter of 2013, thus paving the way for Gigaset to begin tapping the potential of the mass market. 


Gigaset Consumer Products – Android & Cloud Solutions Conquer the Landline Network

By combining innovative technologies and outstanding design, Gigaset’s SL 930 Android-based full-touch telephone will set new standards in landline telephony. Alongside a wide variety of preinstalled apps, the SL 930 should also be the world’s first landline telephone to offer access to the Google Play Store, which has over 600,000 apps. Gigaset thus sets the standard for the comprehensive networking of the modern home and consistently evolves its high-end strategy in the consumer field. The market launch of the Gigaset SL 930 is scheduled for the summer of 2013.


Furthermore, with the new update of “Gigaset QuickSync” software, Gigaset is now the world’s first supplier of cordless telephones to offer the option of synchronization with Google contacts via the cloud or, for Mac users, the option of comparing contacts via the iCloud. These options are immediately available for all devices that support QuickSync.


Innovative Android Touch-Telephone for Business Customers

At IFA, Gigaset also underscores its competence for business customers. Gigaset is primarily focusing here on the growing IP market for small and home offices (SoHo) and for small and midsized enterprises (SME). 


Among other items, Gigaset will also unveil “Maxwell,” the prototype of a tabletop telephone designed as a touch phone for discriminating business users. This tablet-like keyless device will be operated entirely via a touch screen. With it, Gigaset will create new accents in office communication. 


Business Customers’ Telephone Also Usable as Video Conference System

“Maxwell” should likewise be based on the Android operating system and will facilitate both voice-over-IP telephony via the SIP protocol and video conferences. If the generously large 10.1-inch multi-touch display isn’t sufficiently large for a particular event, an HDMI terminal and a beamer can be used to project the conference onto a conventional textile screen or directly onto a flatscreen. “Maxwell” fits perfectly into Gigaset’s existing business telephony and can be optimally integrated with Gigaset’s T300 and T500 telephone systems. 


The design study also looks very attractive thanks to its noble metallic and aluminum styling. This high-quality craftsmanship firmly positions the device in the premium segment of office communication. “Maxwell” is expected to debut on the market at the end of 2013.


Gigaset’s CEO Charles Fränkl summarizes his company’s presence at the trade show: “For private customers as well as for business clients, Gigaset will tread entirely new, innovative paths and conquer additional markets. We’ll benefit here from our excellent distribution structure and technological competence. Our focus for the development of new products and services is clearly on users’ needs, superlative product design and simple, intuitive operability. With DECT base stations, Gigaset is already an integral part of 75 million households around the world. I’m confident that our entry onto the market for home networking will add a new chapter to this ongoing success story.”


Munich-based Gigaset AG is a global player in the field of communications technology. The company leads the European DECT-telephone market. With more than 1,700 employees and a market presence in over 70 countries, this premium provider ranks second worldwide. 

Shares of Gigaset AG are traded in TecDAX (Prime Standard) on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol “GGS” (ISIN: DE0005156004).


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