Gigaset Camera – a peek into the home gives a sense of security

Munich, August 17, 2015 - The majority of Germans have a growing interest in protecting their own four walls. That’s no surprise, given the increase in burglary rates and attempted break-ins: The police’s criminal statistics for 2014 recorded more than 152,000 incidents last year alone. Accordingly, there has been a steadily growing desire for security at home in the past years. Gigaset is now responding to this need with the Internet-based stand-alone camera “Camera,” which aims to ensure greater security at home.

If you bear in mind that, according to the above-mentioned statistics, more than one-third of all burglary attempts could have been prevented if the home had been protected, it’s clear that the benefit of such measures is that criminal acts are not only solved and prevented, but also a greater sense of security in general. Numerous customizable application scenarios for using compact and hence flexible cameras in your own home are further factors in their favor. Gigaset has addressed this need since mid-August by offering “Camera,” a WLAN-based stand-alone camera boasting HD quality. As a manufacturer from Germany, we are represented in many private households thanks to our broad portfolio and therefore are a firm part of the home of many Germans.  

High quality and security, Made in Germany
With “Camera” Gigaset is now responding to the great demand for stand-alone solutions in the field of home surveillance. When used individually, the camera works with commercially available routers from a wide range of different vendors and stores the data on the servers in Gigaset’s cloud; the latter is also operated by a provider from Germany and ensures secure, reliable processing of data in compliance with the guidelines of the German Federal Data Protection Act.

Gigaset handles the data obtained in an extremely responsible manner. “Camera” itself uses WPA2 encryption and transfers the data directly to the Gigaset cloud. As a result, no visible network is created. Moreover, all systems that process the data have been audited from the security perspective by Gigaset and external partners. “Our customers' trust is especially important for us,” as Torsten Velker, Head of Home Solutions at Gigaset, affirms. “Our business model consists of selling devices and services and explicitly not commercial exploitation of our customers’ data.”

Gigaset Camera – equipped with cutting-edge technology
Customers can obtain a concrete visual impression of their home and most valuable possessions using a smartphone and free app. Equipped with extensive features, “Camera” enables real-time, WLAN-based video transfer (Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n) and HD 720p video quality with up to 30 FPS. The integrated motion sensor enables automatic recordings as soon as the sensor is triggered. The 1-megapixel 0.25-inch CMOS image sensor with automatic white balance, the 30 infrared LEDs with an illumination range of up to 15 meters and a field of view of 80° in the horizontal and 45° in the vertical deliver flawless picture quality, even in night-vision mode. Audio data is also recorded and transmitted thanks to the built-in microphone.

More functions thanks to scalable packages
“Camera” allows users to make their home more secure without monthly charges – the free package providing all basic functions comes with it. In addition, users can acquire additional options in the form of various packages. So that they can gain an impression of the various packages (“Bronze,” “Silver” and “Gold”), they can test all the features in the “Hello Camera” package within the first three months of purchase for a non-recurring charge of €0.99.

After this test phase, users can then decide individually which package they would like to book and can choose between monthly and annual subscriptions. The monthly packages offer the greatest possible flexibility, while the annual versions are offered at a substantially reduced price. Users can pay for the individual packages by means of an in-app purchase billed via iTunes (iOS) or the Play Store (Google).

“We want to offer as much flexibility as possible,” says Torsten Velker. “Users who just want to keep an eye on their property while they are on summer holidays, for example, can sign up to a package for one or two months without tying themselves to these functions for a whole year.” The following overview presents the differences between the individual packages:


  • Free package (free for all users)
  • Bronze package (€0.99/month | €9.99/year)*
  • Silver package (€1.99/month | €19.99/year)*
  • Gold package (€4.99/month | €49.99/year)*

Expandable with Gigaset elements
“‘Camera’ offers clear benefits as part of home surveillance. Even if users are traveling, they can see for themselves that everything is alright at home while they’re away – for example, to observe their pets or keep an eye on their children. ‘Camera’ is useful in any other situation where it would be helpful to take a peek within your own four walls,” says Torsten Velker.

“Our stand-alone camera addresses the wishes of many first-time users of smart home technology who have a keen interest in the subject of visual home surveillance, but still skeptical about procuring a complete smart home solution,” adds Velker. “The stand-alone camera is an ideal means of getting started for all those interested. The modular structure of our tried-and-proven Gigaset elements system means ‘Camera’ can be gradually expanded with our smart home system quickly and easily.

Users who also wish to control their doors and windows or leverage typical features such as an alarm and homecoming can simply use their log-on data for Gigaset Camera in the familiar elements app.”

A direct transition from ‘Camera’ to the Gigaset elements system is thus possible without any problems. If users are therefore satisfied with the possibilities offered by ‘Camera,’ but wish to have greater influence, they can expand their home surveillance system easily.

Gigaset ‘Camera’ will be available from the Gigaset online shop from mid-August at the recommended retail price €149,99.

Press Contact:
Raphael Dörr
Press Spokesman Gigaset AG
Phone: +49 (0)89 444 456 866

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