Integration means greater convenience: Video door communication on VoIP phones

StentofonBaudisch and Gigaset present smart video door communication in conjunction with end-user devices from the Gigaset pro DE700 IP PRO and DE900 IP PRO product line and the full-touch HD video telephone Maxwell 10.

An eye-catcher at reception
The video door intercoms from StentofonBaudisch can be mounted on the wall or as a freestanding column and guarantee excellent image and sound quality. A LAN Secure Adapter outside ensures that the company network cannot be accessed if the intercom is tampered with. In combination with the Gigaset Maxwell 10, this solution is a functional and visual enhancement for any company.

“More and more of our customers are seeking alternatives to labor-intensive receptions that are staffed round the clock,” states Ulrich Meinert, Sales Director at StentofonBaudisch. “Together with Gigaset pro, we’ve found the perfect solution for this task, enabling our door intercoms to be inte-grated seamlessly with various end-user devices and so making our customers’ every day work a lot easier.”

Greater convenience in day-to-day business
The SIP video door intercoms from StentofonBaudisch can be connected seamlessly with Gigaset pro devices and then act like an extension within a telephone system. As soon as a visitor rings, the intercom automatically establishes a voice connection to predefined numbers in the company and directly transfers the camera image from the intercom system. The responsible employee is shown the camera image before he or she accepts the door call, giving him or her time to decide whether to ask what the person at the door wants or open the door directly with the function key on the end-user device – a crucial aspect that offers added security.

The solution’s highlights

  • Camera images can be displayed on the employee’s Maxwell 10 or on the display of the Gigaset DE700 IP PRO and DE900 IP PRO phones as soon as a door call is received. 
  • Door calls can optionally be signaled on DECT phones. That means employees can keep an eye on the reception from anywhere and also carry out other tasks – an elegant solution for night porters in hotels, ward sisters in hospitals or security guards on their rounds.

About StentofonBaudisch
StentofonBaudisch GmbH develops and makes communications and security solutions, focusing on high-quality IP-based video door intercom systems. As an innovation driver in the field of door communication, the company attaches great importance to extensive compatibility and ease of integration. StentofonBaudisch GmbH was created out of the merger of the communications and security specialists Scanvest, Baudisch and Zenitel (Stentofon). It unites the best qualities of these three powerful partners: expertise in development, high quality of work, strength in distribution and great sales experience. Customer-specific requirements can thus be met even faster and more flexibly. You can find more information on the company homepage.

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