New marketing campaign by Gigaset focusses on “digital emotions“

Munich, June 15, 2015 - Where´s the connection between a Labrador called Oscar and a Smart Home system? Gigaset elements presents the modularity of the system as part of a new digital campaign – with a series of episodes from a dog´s point of view. The intentionally striking marketing campaign centers on

Smart as Oscar – thanks to the elements App
The smart Labrador illustrates with exemplary short movies, that are interactively visible online, how easy it is to make the own home come alive even while you´re on the go. If you drag a part of the Smart Home system on the elements house a short clip starts – matching the chosen module. With the help of the elements app and the sensors the family´s dog knows exactly when master and mistress will be home, has an immediate riposte for the tricks of the house cat and gets a clue, when the right time has come to return the favor of the neighbor´s dog malice.

Precise sensors as digital professionals for the home
The highly precise and versatile sensors of Gigaset elements simplify the daily routine of all its users, regardless of whether it´s a family, a single or a shared flat. Everything that’s made emotional approachable by Oscar revolutionizes the own home, office and personal environment. Consisting the elements base and the freely combinable modular sensors elements camera, elements motion, elements door, elements window and elements siren, as well as the free elements App for iOS and Android smartphones, Gigaset elements answers a lot of daily questions practically relevant and direct.

If the kids are safe at home, the car´s in the garage or the house cat is taking a nap – the digitally comfortable solution makes the everyday life transparent. The technical expertise of Gigaset elements makes a comprehensive view possible, showing that everything´s normal at home while it´s motivating the player instinct of the users simultaneously.

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