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Munich, August 27, 2015 - With elements plug and elements button, Gigaset is adding two components to its familiar wireless smart home system that allow users to not only monitor their home remotely using a smartphone app, but now also actively control it. Both world firsts will be given their public premiere at IFA 2015.

Gigaset embarked on the smart home growth market by launching elements in 2013. Since then, the modular smart home solution with its motion, door and window sensors, siren and an HD camera has been installed in many households in Europe. The modular structure of elements enables our development team to respond flexibly to requests from users. Above all, they are interested in being able to actively control devices in the household. "We constantly follow our customers comments on a wide range of different channels and take them very seriously. plug and button open up whole new scenarios for our customers at home and on the road," says Torsten Velker, Head of Home Solutions at Gigaset.

elements plug – the smart socket
elements plug is the new switchable socket from Gigaset elements which allows devices in the home to be turned on and off easily from a smartphone. That can be done manually or planned in advance with the aid of a timer. Thanks to its space-saving design, plug can be used in multiple sockets without any difficulty and without disrupting the power supply to other devices. Moreover, networking within the Gigaset elements system means that users can respond directly and actively to any incidents in the home.

All of this is done with integration in the existing Gigaset elements app, with the result that a smartphone or web browser are enough to help protect your own four walls – for example, by fooling potential burglars into thinking you're at home even though you're actually away on vacation. Torsten Velker explains: "You can switch the light on remotely, for example, or create a timetable for activating certain lights and devices – quickly and easily using your smartphone. That's a clear deterrent for burglars, who won't guess there's no one at home."

elements button – fast access to your smart home
elements button is the system's new, smart wireless switch. "Thanks to button, you don't have to take out your smartphone every time you want to operate the standard lamp in the living-room from the couch, for example," says Torsten Velker. In this way, entire parts of the Gigaset elements system can also be controlled by analog means; a smartphone is only needed to configure the basic rules. The solution can thus also be used by children or grandparents who were previously daunted by the technical obstacles involved. The differently colored covers also means a personalized button can be placed in the home for each inhabitant and programmed individually. That rules out the possibility of confusing the individual buttons. "Thanks to these extensions, it's easy for anyone to use a preconfigured system. Press the button briefly like a light switch and the whole house responds immediately," emphasizes Velker with reference to the new rules.

The new Rule Manager – for a smarter home
The combination with the new Rule Manager in the app allows even complex rules defined by customers themselves to be executed with just one click. For example, all networked lights can be switched off and the alarm activated when you leave the house – simply by clicking the freely positionable button. In addition, all the components of an existing elements system can be integrated intelligently.

For instance, users can create precise timetables and triggers, such as the balcony door being opened, to execute specific actions – recording by the elements camera or switching on the elements plug, for example. "These if-then scenarios have also been requested by many of our customers," says Velker, adding: "We at Gigaset can't imagine all the conceivable scenarios, which is why we look forward to feedback from our customers to show us what the new functions are actually used for."

The smart switchable socket elements plug will go on sale in mid-September at €49.99 (RRP). The wireless elements button will complement the Gigaset elements system from the start of October and will cost €34.99 (RRP). Both elements will be available from selected retailers and in the Gigaset elements online shop.

Gigaset AG, Munich, is an internationally operating company in the area of communications technology. The company is Europe's market leader in DECT telephones. The premium supplier is likewise the leader worldwide with around 1,300 employees and sales activities in around 70 countries. Under the name Gigaset pro, the company continues to develop and market innovative business telephony solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. The company also operates in the smart home arena. Cutting-edge, cloud-based products and solutions for the smart home are developed and marketed under the name Gigaset elements. In addition, together with the Singapore-based Goldin Fund Pte. Ltd., the company runs Gigaset Mobile, which operates in the mobile phone, smartphone, and accessory segments.

Gigaset AG is listed in the Prime Standard of Deutsche Börse and is therefore subject to the highest transparency requirements. Its shares are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol "GGS" (ISIN: DE0005156004).

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