The Gigaset Maxwell 10: desktop telephone with Android operating system for business use

Munich, November 5, 2014 - In the ever-changing world of business communication devices, the one product that seems to have stood still is the desktop phone. But research shows that we still make heavy use of landlines for business communication. That’s why Gigaset pro is launching a new desktop device to meet the needs of the modern business: the Maxwell 10. This is an HD video tele-phone with a touchscreen and the Android operating system, including Internet connectivi-ty. Its intuitive interface makes transferring calls simpler than ever. Conference calls are displayed in true-to-life video on the HD screen and syncing entire address books with your mobile Android device is a breeze. Its stylish design makes the Maxwell 10 the new eye-catcher on your desk.

Gigaset pro knows the needs of business users and has incorporated a host of productivity-boosting features into the stylish Maxwell 10 unit. It has a 10-inch touchscreen and an intuitive, user-friendly interface. It makes child's play of transferring multiple calls to the right people simultaneously. The Maxwell 10 is also ideal for meeting rooms. With HD video and audio, video calls are as good as real meetings. What’s more, you can use the Microsoft Office App to view presentations, spreadsheets and documents directly on the Maxwell 10. You can also easily synchronise your address books, email accounts and CRM files with your smartphone or tablet. If you have a home office, this device will be perfect as part of a smart home.

Gigaset pro has also given a lot of thought to the design of its latest device. For example, left-handed users can simply install the handset on the other side of the device for even greater con-venience. A cordless model is also available to keep your desk even neater and tidier. The Maxwell 10 is available in different designs, ranging from real leather to a natural wood finish.

Ron Cottaar, Head of Marketing at Gigaset pro: “While people regularly upgrade their PCs and mobile devices in this digital age, the desktop telephone is often conspicuously neglected. At Gigaset, we’ve used our long-standing experience to develop a new device that meets all modern requirements. The Maxwell 10 will be the heart of any office communication infrastructure. The launch of this new device represents a major step forward in the field of business telephony.”

The Maxwell 10 is available from certified retailers from mid November 2014. The corded model has a recommended retail price of €569 and the cordless model retails at €599. Each component – the screen, the cordless or corded handset, the base and the wall attachment set – is available separately. More information and inspiration can be found on Gigaset pro's website and the product website.

About Gigaset pro
As part of the Gigaset Group, Gigaset pro caters for business customers all over the world with its broad portfolio of premium products and provides professional communications solutions tailored to every company. Gigaset pro products aim to deliver outstanding performance in every respect, be it user friendliness, flexibility or compatibility. Gigaset distributes its pro portfolio via a network of certified partners, with the focus on Europe.

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