The new Gigaset E550 - Ergonomics for all the senses

Munich, August 5, 2015 - Too quiet, keys too small, too complicated? Not with the Gigaset E550: The new E Series telephone combines excellent acoustics, good readability and intuitive operation with an ergonomic design. This large-button phone is compatible with all standard digital hearing aids – and a single click on the handset is all it takes to double the volume of the earpiece.

The large-button Gigaset E550 phone is in a class of its own, combining convenience with top quality and user-friendly operation. Outstanding features include the simple menu navigation and good readability. Entering phone numbers is child's play thanks to the illuminated panorama color display with extra-large digits. And the large display and high contrast allow incoming calls to be assigned quickly.

Intuitive and convenient operation
The E550 is proof that modern technology does not have to be difficult to use. Its menu navigation, based on icon- and text-based menus and function keys, is especially intuitive and convenient. An ergonomic keypad made of high-quality material  ensures secure operation – in particular, thanks to the large individual keys. The four most frequently used phone numbers can also be dialed at the touch of a single key. The phone is not only exceptionally easy to use, but also to set up. The installation follows the plug & play principle: unpack, plug in and start making calls straight away. That's because the handset is already registered ex works and ready to use immediately.

"Our E Series combines ergonomic design with a special level of convenience," says Dr. Kurt Aretz, Head of the "Voice Products" Business Unit. "We are specifically addressing the needs of older telephone users with the Gigaset E550. We are delivering top-class sound quality with special setting options such as the extra-loud key on the handset. Both the large keys and the excellent readability of the numeric display will make using the phone far easier for many people."  

The Gigaset 550 is compatible with hearing aids, thus ensuring interference-free reception for hearing aid users. Thanks to the excellent audio quality in hands-free mode, the large-button phone can also be used without any difficulty when the user doesn't have a hand free. The microphone and loudspeaker of the Gigaset E550 are perfectly adapted to one another and impress with their brilliant sound quality. This is ensured by the maximum speed of the switchover between microphone and loudspeaker.

No more missed calls
The Gigaset E550 offers a call alert option with LED flashes to also visually indicate incoming calls. As a result, even users with diminished hearing will no longer miss a call. Incoming calls with suppressed calling line identification (without CLIP number) can also be visually indicated if needed – to ensure peace from unwanted calls. Day and night mode can be used to disable the ring tone at particular times if the user does not want to be awoken by a call during the night.

And yet another advantage: The Gigaset E550 is energy-saving and low in radiation thanks to ECO-DECT. Energy consumption is extremely low at less than 0.4 watts due to the energy-saving plug-in power supply unit. The battery life in standby mode is up to 320 hours. The handset is especially low in radiation – the transmitting power is reduced automatically depending on the distance between the handset and the base station.

Also with an integrated answering machine
The large-button phone is also available with an integrated answering machine. In total, the Gigaset E550A offers up to 25 minutes' recording time. Thanks to its hands-free function with crystal-clear acoustics, the base station can even be used as a standalone phone. In case of an emergency, by pressing an emergency call button the telephone selects the phone numbers of family, friends or emergency services one by one and sends an emergency message.  

Gigaset develops and produces its cordless phones directly in Germany, hence adhering to the highest standards. The "Made in Germany" claim is not only reflected in the technology, but also in the design and innovation.

Press Contact:
Raphael Dörr
Press Spokesman Gigaset AG
Phone: +49 (0)89 444 456 866

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