Gigaset awarded the HTV-Life® mark of excellence for its E310 product family

Munich, April 14, 2015 - Planned obsolescence, where a manufacturer deliberately limits a product's useful life, is a worry for consumers. The HTV-Life® mark of excellence creates clarity here – and Gigaset was one of the world’s first manufacturers to obtain it for its A400, C430, C620 and SL400 product families. The ergonomic E310 product family has now also been awarded it.

The seal of excellence is certified and awarded by HTV, one of Europe’s largest independent test houses. HTV has been testing electronic components for more than 27 years and specializes, among other things, in testing and identifying deliberately built-in weaknesses in products.

“We’ve already had various product families in different price classes certified by HTV,” says Dr. Kurt Aretz, Head of Voice Consumer Products at Gigaset. “We want to show we don’t differentiate when it comes to quality – whether the phone is a low-cost, ergonomic or designer one. We want to gradually obtain the HTV-Life® mark of excellence for our complete portfolio.”

HTV-Life® mark of excellence for the ergonomic Gigaset E310 product family
The elegant Gigaset E310 is an easy-to-use large-button phone. Apart from the big, brightly illuminated keys, the high-contrast, large-font graphics display makes it easy to use the Gigaset E310. A crisp sound, an accentuated volume and a frequency range that can be set to two levels ensure that callers can be heard clearly at all times. The acoustics of the Gigaset E310 have been designed so as to also be ideal for people with hearing aids.

A handsfree function with a separate loudspeaker rounds out the Gigaset E310’s top-class audio features. The structured grips on the side of the handset’s elegantly designed housing mean the phone can be held securely. The HTV-Life® mark of excellence covers the entire product family – the E310, the E310A with an answering machine and the E310H handset.

About HTV-GmbH
HTV has existed since 1986 and is an independent test house for conducting electronic, mechanical and chemical analyses, as well as examining the service life of products. The company currently has around 220 employees. HTV’s expertise is highly sought in studies, such as by federal offices, as well as for expert reports or qualifications. As a specialist in long-term conservation of components, HTV has very great competence in testing and analyzing mechanisms that cause products to age or fail and in determining the useful life of components.

The HTV-Life® mark of excellence is awarded on the basis of the general conditions, which are available on HTV-Life’s homepage They specify the criteria for awarding the HTV-Life® mark.

You can find more information on the HTV mark of excellence on the official Gigaset homepage ( You can go there directly by clicking on this link.

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