Gigaset pro delivers VoIP solution to new UNICEF offices

Munich, July 25, 2016 - UNICEF has chosen Gigaset pro to provide a full package of telephony services for its new offices. The United Nations children’s rights organization has recently moved from Voorburg to new premises in The Hague. UNICEF has called in IconneCT4u, provider of communication solutions, and Gigaset pro to supply telephony services which are fully in line with the requirements of its new offices, comprised exclusively of flexible workstations on three different floors. IconneCT4u has implemented a VoIP solution, consisting of a Gigaset pro DECT system with 12 base stations and a hundred handsets, in combination with the existing 3CX VoIP switchboard.

Lex Kok, senior system administrator at UNICEF had this to say: “In our old offices we worked with an ISDN telephone switchboard with only fixed handsets and lines. In our new premises we wanted to introduce a system of flexible workstations only. That means cordless DECT phones instead of fixed lines. This new VoIP system solves our problems once and for all, regardless of whether we expand or contract. Expansion will be really quite simple: we no longer have to put in any extra lines or buy any additional licenses and hardware. As our organization grows, so will the system.”

In addition to vastly improved audio quality, this new solution will give UNICEF additional quality control options. Thanks to the VoIP system, the organization is now able to assess calls made by donors - made via an external call center – for quality and use these for training purposes. Likewise, in 90 percent of cases, remote management by IconneCT4u will be possible.

Annejan Bos, founder of IconneCT4u explains: “In the past we would often buy separate DECT handsets from Gigaset pro, but now that the company is able to offer a fully cordless system, we are able to offer clients like UNICEF a complete business package. An additional advantage is that the Gigaset name is already widely known amongst users of its handsets at home, which means they are more enthusiastic about the brand. That makes it a lot easier for us to sell these telephone services.”

Hans-Jürgen Huber, Head of Gigaset pro: It’s a great honor for us to equip UNICEF’s offices with Gigaset pro phones. A key requirement for the new handsets was good sound quality and accessibility. UNICEF is regularly approached by the media and needs to be able to respond quickly and effectively to their questions. The Gigaset pro DECT system enables the organization to take advantage of excellent HD audio quality at each flexible workstation on every floor.”

About Gigaset pro
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