The new keeper – more than just a key finder

With its new keeper – a Bluetooth 4.0 - and app-based mini transmitter – Gigaset has created a consumer-friendly solution for stressful everyday situations. Whether you can't find your house or car keys, have forgotten your purse somewhere, or can’t remember where you’ve parked your car: The new keeper with its visual and acoustic alarm makes stress a thing of the past in such situations

Finding things made easy
keeper is based on cutting-edge Bluetooth 4.0 technology and enables objects to be located in seconds by means of a smartphone app for Android and iOS . Valuable things such as house or car keys, purses, briefcases, or wallets can now be found in a radius of around 30 meters with just one click. If users initiate a search for any keeper from their smartphone, the device unmistakably indicates where it is by means of a flashing LED light and loud signal. keeper even provides two-fold security by enabling the smartphone connected to it to be pinpointed. If users misplace their phone, a double click on keeper's button causes the phone to ring, even if it is set to silent mode. A detailed description of keeper's application scenarios and functionalities can be found on the product's website

App offers numerous additional functions

Apart from its core function of finding important things or smartphones at the touch of a button, the freely available keeper smartphone app offers many other functions for everyday life. If desired, users can be alerted by the app if they move too far away from an object that has a keeper attached to it.

People who have a tendency to forget their keys are reminded at the door to take them with them. keeper and the app are also a strong team on trips:  If a keeper is put inside a piece of luggage, it automatically informs the owner when it approaches on the conveyor belt – tense watching and waiting and possibly picking up the wrong luggage become a thing of the past.

Powerful technology, long service life

keeper is connected to the smartphone by Bluetooth 4.0. As a result, a permanent connection can be maintained to different keepers, which can be managed easily and clearly with the app. Thanks to the low power consumption of the fourth Bluetooth generation, the built-in battery has a service life of around one year. Unlike with many other products on the market, the battery can be replaced easily and at low cost – which is also eco-friendly.

Tried-and-tested features enhanced
"Following the success of the Gigaset G-tag, we wanted to make it even easier for our customers to find lost objects. Searching for things is so much easier now that keeper is able to emit a visual and acoustic alarm. The fact that, vice versa, smartphones can also be found by keeper is a genuine additional benefit for users," says Raphael Dörr, Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at Gigaset.

Light, smart, powerful

The just 12-gram keeper is compatible with all Bluetooth 4.0-capable Android smartphones with software version 4.4 and above and with Apple iPhones with iOS 9 or above. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 technology, keeper has a range of up to 30 meters. The keeper app can be downloaded free from Google Play or the iTunes Store.
Gigaset keeper is available as of October 2016 in Gigaset's online shop and from specialty retailers at a price of €19.99 (pack of 1) in the colors white and black and at a price of €49.99 for a pack of 3 (2x black, 1x white).

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