Three practical phones for Xmas

Munich, December 9, 2014: Christmas – A time for serenity! People relax, families come together and the year is brought to an end on a slow, gentle note. Or at least that is the annual illusion propagated in bright and cheery Christmas ads. Yet in reality, Christmas often means one thing above all for many households: stress. But there’s a remedy – phones with particularly smart features that help reduce the hustle and bustle of the final days of the year.

The goose is browning in the oven, the tree still has to be decorated and the most distant relative you haven’t spoken to in 12 months reaches for the phone to wish you a Merry Christmas. As sad as it sounds – so it’s often much too late before you settle into a serene mood in this special period. So how can you simplify preparations and get more out of what Christmas should be about?

Variant 1: Hands free
There are many headsets and headphones you can use with phones or smartphones. Yet both have a drawback: In the case of Bluetooth headsets, the base device must be in the direct vicinity, otherwise the voice quality drops significantly. That’s no different with wired headphones, only you also have to battle with the cable spaghetti.

Unlike with the Gigaset L410 handsfree clip, which offers you total freedom of movement while you phone, yet is just 8 cm in size and 30 g in weight. Thanks to the L410, you can phone while doing other things, such as cooking, decorating the tree or wrapping presents – the possibilities are infinite. Simply clip the L410 onto your clothing and make calls in crystal-clear voice quality and with maximum freedom of movement (50 meters in buildings and 300 meters outdoors).

Variant 2: Smart telephony
Tip number two helps kill two birds with one stone. First, people usually have their phone at hand during the Christmas period, given that it’s the time of year when most people are likely to call. Second, Christmas is often when the whole family gets together – and when everyone is not actively doing something together, there is not rarely a lack of technical devices to surf in the Internet, listen to music or watch films.

You can have both with the Gigaset SL930A: a talk time of up to 20 hours for long calls and the functionality of a smartphone. The Gigaset SL930A enables reliable and outstanding sound quality and relaxed surfing or playing with a further Android-based multimedia device.

Variant 3: Sometimes you have to be able to switch off
The third and final suggestion may sound unusual, but it’s not for no reason that the phone in question was developed for tough everyday situations. It can be used both in the house and outdoors.

The Gigaset E630A can deal excellently with stresses and strains. The robust cordless phone is shock-proof, water-repellent and dust-resistant (in compliance with protection class IP65). Hence, it makes no difference whether it is handled by greasy or flour-covered hands or happens to be dropped on the floor in all the hustle and bustle: The E630A keeps its calm. And after all the household chores, the E630A is the perfect companion when you go outside for a snowball fight. With a range of 300 meters, particularly loud sound profiles and a visual alarm to indicate someone is calling, the E630A also has no problem attracting attention to itself outside your own four walls – and if you happen to lose it in the snow, it can lie there until the snow melts without any problem.

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