Gigaset AG adjusts free cash flow and revenue expectations for 2018

Munich, November 26, 2018 [19:18 pm] – Based on current information on the further course of business, the Executive Board of Gigaset AG today came to the conclusion that the previously expected revenue increase of a high single-digit million amount is unlikely to be achieved.

The company now expects consolidated revenue for 2018 - compared to the previous year (EUR 293.3 million) - between -5.6% (EUR 277 million) and + 2.3% (EUR 300 million). Actual sales are significantly de-pendent on the typically very volatile year-end turnover.

The negative free cash flow is no longer expected to be in the mid-single-digit million range but is ex-pected to be between EUR -35 to -7 million before the inflow of funds.

The outlook for expected EBITDA of between EUR 20 and 28 million remains unchanged.

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