Gigaset AG adjusts revenue expectation and free cash flow for 2021 due to supply bottlenecks in the semiconductor segment. EBITDA improves.

Bocholt, November 22nd 2021 [4:32 pm] - Based on current information on the further course of business, the Executive Board today came to the conclusion that the previous company forecast has to be adjusted. 

Previously, the company expected a slight increase in turnover compared to the previous year (EUR 214.2 million). Now, a turnover of at least EUR 210 million is expected, whereby the achieve-ment of the original turnover assumption remains possible. The actual turnover to be achieved is largely dependent on the current and future ability of the company's upstream suppliers to deliver, especially in the semiconductor sector. 

The expected positive free cash flow at pre-Corona level (2019: EUR 1.2 million) is now expected to range between EUR minus 20 and minus 5 million.

EBITDA is no longer expected to increase slightly, but now significantly, to at least EUR 7.5 million compared to the previous year (EUR 1.9 million).

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