Gigaset Professional desktop phones: Ideal for on-site business communication

Gigaset pro desktop phones

A sleek all-round design matched by high definition audio quality and simple to use yet powerful features makes Gigaset Professional desktop phones the choice for professional business communication. The desktop phones can be flexibly integrated into the respective work environment and are the perfect choice for offices, but also hotels, restaurants and other work environments.

The DECT cordless desktop phone in a Maxwell housing offers great flexibility from the desk
In an office dominated by DECT cordless phones, the Maxwell C is one of a kind. This is Gigaset’s most advanced professional cordless phone in a Maxwell housing.
The wireless office of today has shed the need for physical network connections. Our computers and office phones are all cordless – and the Gigaset Maxwell C leaves you with supreme flexibility from the desk.
All devices can now be connected to one DECT single or Multicell system from Gigaset. This brings the ideal IP phone solution with extraordinary HD-audio, crystal clear TFT-display delivering an intuitive business companion to the front of the wireless office.
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