Gigaset Fusion


Gigaset Fusion

The new all-in-one phone system for modern offices.

The Gigaset Fusion in dark titanium is available as part of the FX800W PRO bundle. This professional all-in-one telephone system in a timelessly elegant design is a desk phone, DECT base station and mini telephone system all in one device. All settings and functions can be individually configured via a web-based UI and be set intuitively via the newly developed user interface on the bright touch-and-swipe display. The Gigaset Fusion makes day-to-day work easier and is the ideal solution for small offices, medical practices, law firms, agencies and sophisticated home offices.

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An elegant attention-getter in every office

The perfect combination of form and function: The 12.7 cm (5") large, bright HD touch-and-swipe display of this smart all-in-one system makes it easier for you to access all phone functions and ensures that caller information is always at your fingertips - regardless of where the phone is located. High-quality materials, a stable high-gloss finish metal base and metal dome keyboard make the Gigaset Fusion an eye-catcher in any office.

Ideal for new hygiene concepts

High-quality materials such as the disinfectant-resistant surface and UV-hardened finish, as well as exclusive design elements such as the easy-to-clean, bright touch-and-swipe display give the new Gigaset Fusion a wide range of flexible positioning/use options. This all-round high-end equipment allows you to simply and easily keep the cord phone clean, even in hygienically sensitive areas.

Broad connectivity provides flexibility

The Fusion's extensive connectivity options ensure maximum flexibility. USB-C and Bluetooth make it easy to connect external devices such as your headset your favourite way, while the flexible dual-band 5GHz/2.4GHz WiFi module enables hassle-free connection to the internet and lets you seamlessly integrate the Fusion with your existing network. The 2-port gigabit switch ensures fast LAN connection and power supply (PoE) for the device.

DECT base station functionality

When functioning as a DECT base station, the Gigaset Fusion allows you to connect up to eight Gigaset PRO handsets. This translates into a maximum of flexibility and problem-free connection when equipping your company’s overall work area. This also provides the huge advantage that you can be reached by your customers at all times with up to four parallel calls, even at peak times with high call volumes.

Easy contact management

The Gigaset Fusion's central phone book gives you up to 500 entries and lets you easily synchronize and manage all of your customer contacts. This also includes your existing mobile phone contacts, which are a snap to import via Bluetooth, as well as your native Google and Microsoft 365 and LDAP contacts.

A large number of convenient features are available to you when doing so. The Gigaset Fusion offers up to 72 programmable display keys and widgets that allow you to optimize the device to your needs. Coloured BLF buttons indicate whether a line is free. And, the display night mode helps you save energy.

Customizable display content

You can get started easily and quickly thanks to the support provided by numerous installation wizards. For example, you can customize the display content. Choose from a variety of backgrounds and predefined images, or integrate personal images like a digital photo frame. In addition, the Fusion offers you three main screens. Swipe between these to easily access all the information and links you need.

Award-winning web user interface

The new Gigaset Fusion has already received one of the most prestigious design awards in the world: the iF Design Award. The focus of Germany’s International Forum Design is on the trend-setting combination of aesthetics and functionality - which is precisely where the completely revised phone and web user interface of the all-in-one system marks a real milestone. The interface gives you access via any internet browser and, thanks to intuitive wizards, simple menu structures and fold-out chapters, offers a complete system overview at all times, e.g. the current status of the Gigaset Fusion, connected devices, groups, voicemails, call forwarding rules, web dialing, call lists, external lines and much more.

Find out more here: Gigaset wins iF Design Award Quadruple

Environmentally friendly & radiation-free thanks to ECO DECT

The DECT eco mode and DECT eco mode+ functions are a paragon of an environmentally friendly solution. The two functions offer a significant 80% reduction in transmission power and energy-efficient transmission deactivation when in an idle state. The Fusion also features a proximity sensor that automatically wakes the device from sleep mode when the user gets close to it.

Functionality as a mini phone system

The integrated mini-PBX is designed for up to 20 SIP extensions - regardless of whether mobile devices or permanently installed desk phones are connected to the system. And, you can rest assured that your SIP connection is consistently secured via SRTP/SIPS/TLS, LDAP(S) and HTTPS. Another advantage: even with up to six parallel calls, you can always be reached by your customers.

Connecting a video door station

The Gigaset Fusion gives you a total of five local answering machines. These ensure that you no longer miss any important messages since they can simply be downloaded and saved. In addition, you can easily and conveniently define rules for call forwarding in the event that you’re away from your desk. And, you can always see who is at the door, thanks to the convenient connection of video door station/intercom systems via SIP telephony.

The Fusion bundle with two DECT handsets

The new Gigaset Fusion is not available as an individual product, but rather as part of the FX800W PRO bundle. This exclusive bundle includes a Gigaset Fusion plus two SL800H PRO handsets. This is the smallest and lightest cordless phone in the professional Gigaset portfolio and features an impressive large colour display, brilliant sound quality and an excellent battery.

Detailed information on the SL800H PRO can be found here.

Technical details


Article name
Gigaset Fusion
General features
Dark Titanium
Telephone numbers (IP)
Calls in parallel (IP)
DECT Standards
DECT | GAP | CAT iq 2.0
Interfaces internal
Bluetooth® | PC Port | Wi-Fi (standard) | Mini-USB | LAN Port
Autom. reduction of transmission power | Radiation-free in standby mode | Low energy consumption
Additional features
Gigaset GO Features
Gigaset GO Apps
Phonebook # entries (name / number)
500 central (shared)
Address book # entries, (name, surname, 3 numbers, date-reminder, sounds)
1000 local
V-Card transfer, mobile to handset via Bluetooth®
LDAP contacts
Google contacts
Microsoft 365 contacts
Direct dial keys at base
Call block function
Blacklist (number of entries)
Anonymous call suppression: Calls without CLIP number are only indicated visually
Day / night mode: Timed ringtone deactivation on handset
Optical call signaling
Illuminated display
Free internal calls
Internal transfer of external calls, conference circuit, call back
Proximity Sensor
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Provider Profile Download
Call Divert
Call Divert, time controlled
Call groups
SIP proxy (supported devices)
Ja (20)
Download of call records
Download of voice messages
Audio features
Sound Quality / Accustic Features
HD Voice (CAT-iq certified) | HD Voice (wideband voice)
Handsfree talking
Convenient hands-free talking (full duplex quality)
Handsfree talking handset / base / Main device
Adjustable Volume
Via Menu
Upload own ringtones
Upload your own music on hold
Display features
Display Type
Touch Display
Dimensions (H x W mm)
Diagonal spread (inch)
Resolution (px)
Jumbo Fonts
Display of caller
Display of caller’s number (CLIP)
List of last # missed calls with time and date
List of # outgoing calls with time and date
List of # received calls with time and date
List of # all calls with time and date
Multilingual menu (several display languages)
Time / Date displayed
Number of languages
Keypad features
Easy handling with navigation key
Message indicator key
Answering machine
Answering machine
Recording time up to … min.
Number of answering machines
Answering and recording function
Answering function only
AM control
Via handset & base
Multilingual phrases in local languages
Languages answering machine
Dimensions / Specs
Main Device, L x W x H in mm
215 x 182 x 108
Handset, H x W x D in mm
186 x 48 x 33
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Gigaset Fusion

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